Raging on paper

Maci had always been that special child no-one really understood. In that way she was like her mother; misunderstood...


4. A Girl

Louis' P.O.V.

We'd been at this orphanage for like five hours. I was suppose to spend the day with Eleanor, but instead management want us to go and adopt a kid, sometimes they pis me so much off, like they made us do this because they thought it'll make us more responsible. Every once in a while I feel like they don't trust us enough, to let us live our own life. If you ever wondered, I can tell you it's like a pain in the arse, when someone tells you how to live your life.

     Liam and Niall though didn't seem to mind adopting, they've been pumped up on this all week long. Zayn think it should be a boy, so we could teach him how to play football, Harry agrees on that one, and still we're at a girls only orphanage. I on the other hand couldn't care less, right now I just wanna be with Eleanor, I miss her so much. We haven't seen each other in like forever.

     “Here,” a little girl with blonde curls said, handling me a piece of paper, with something I think was supposed to be me and her holding hands, “it's for you,” she said smiling, I smiled back and mumbled a 'thanks' to her, but I really couldn't care less.

     Harry of cause noticed and smiled at me nodding towards the little girl, creepy smile, it was like it was saying you want her? I shook my head slightly at the curly haired boy in front of me.

The other lads also seem to enjoy themselves, each with a little baby girl of their own. I sighted and looked around, we were pretty much surrounded by girls, and I started feeling a bit claustrophobic. That many people, that little space.

     As I stood up all the girls and the lads too, looked at me. Liam sent me a puzzled look, asking if anything was wrong. Actually it's kinda creepy how well we know each other, like we can talk only using the eyes. “Ehmm, I need some air,” I said to all the curious kids that might wanted to follow me. I turned to one of the workers, I think her name was Hella, and she pointed me towards a door, outside the door I found quietness, peace and space. Three things I've missed since we got here.

     I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see one message from Eleanor;

     From El <3 – hi boo, missing you :-*

     I instantly smiled, thinking of her. I typed an answer before going back inside to the many girls.

     To El <3 – hi babe, missing you too :-* it's a jungle out here ;-)

     On my way back in I saw something, well more like someone. A girl, not a kid like all the other, she could easily have been seventeen, and unlike the other girls she wasn't trying to impress the lads. No she was just sitting on the ground with a notebook. She looked really tiered, like if she hadn't slept last night. I got a little closer to her, funny enough she didn't seem like she was paying much attention to the world around her, and I suddenly really wanted to know her.

     She still haven't noticed me, and I was now standing beside her. She really was lost in her own little world. I sat down beside her on the floor, my back against the wall. Oh that reminds me of a song, now what it's called? Uhmm, maybe I could find that out later.

     I looked over her shoulder, yeah I'm that stalkerish, she was drawing the lads as they sad before us, and it actually looked pretty damn good. Like a photography, the lads and the girls that surrounded them. When she was done she flipped the page, and started drawing Goofy being chased by Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

     “Your good,” I said, and the second after the words had left my mouth, I realized she was hearing music and I mentally face palmed. Every once in a while, I'm just so stupid, and I mean very stupid.

     I tapped her shoulder, the second my finger touched her, she flicked, tensed up for a second, then turned her head towards me and instantly relaxed again. She tore out one of her earphones and looked at me while smiling, “ello,” she said, looking weirdly at me.

     “Hi.., Ehm, your drawings are beautiful,” I said, really Louis, that's the best you can come up with, Ehm, your drawings are beautiful, what kinda thing is that to say, and again I mentally face palmed.

     “Thanks.., I didn't catch your name,” she said smiling sweetly, oh the lads would love this girl.

     “I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson,” I said smiling, “what's your name love?”

      “Well, ello Louis, my name's Maci.”

     “That's a lovely name.”

     “Well thank you,” she said smiling. Then there was a bell, signaling something, and it must've been important, cause all the kids suddenly disappeared, also Maci.

     The lads approached me, Liam was the first to give me a worried look, “you alright mate, you seem off the whole day,” he said, and the rest of the lads nodded and sent agreeing looks my way.

     “Yeah, I'm fine,” I said, “actually I've found a girl I want to adopt, you'll love her,” I assured them.

     They looked from one another, they knew I've been against this whole adopting thing from the start, “are you sure Boo bear?” Harry asked, them all looking at me.

     I nodded, “yeah I'm sure.”

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