You Said "Forever"

Emily Miller and Josh Daniels are best friends. They do practically everything together! How long does it take for them to fall for each other?


1. The race

Josh's POV

"Emily! Wait up!" I said as we raced to school. "Emily!" She turns back while still running, her long blonde hair flowing in the wind. Her big brown eyes looking back at me... wait! No. I'm not saying I'm in love with her because I'm not... Nevermind just pretend I never said that! 

"Josh watch out!!" what is she saying?? Aahhh!


Emily's POV

Josh and I were racing to school, and as usual, I was in the lead!!! Josh is my best friend in the whole world. We're always together! Wow he's so slow! When I looked back he seemed like he spaced out while running. That's when I realized there was a huge rock in front of him. "Josh watch out!!!" I screamed, but he didn't even understand me! He tripped and flew right infront of me, face down! "OMG JOSH!!!! Are you okay?!?!?!!?" He wasn't waking up... I called for some help, and my old elementary teacher, Mrs. Brown, came. I told her what happened and she said he's unconscious so she took him to the nurse, and I came along.


Josh's POV

"You'll never beat me!" I mumbled. Why does my head hurt? My knees burn? What's the nurse doing blocking my way? Wait, why am I in the nurse's office??? What happened????

"Josh?? Josh!!!! You're awake!!!!" she seems relieved. "Em? W-W-what happened..????"

"Well, you tripped on a rock while running, you flew so far that you landed right in front of me, and you were unconscious..." she explained while I tried getting up. "How long was I un--" "4 hours," she cuts me off, "we missed French, Math, P.E, and Science." "When is lunch? I'm reaaaally hungry !!" I ask. She answers, "in about 5 minutes. Let's just make sure you can walk!"


Emily's POV

Oh I'm so glad Josh is awake! We missed 4 periods! We head off to lunch and find ourselves a table. Our friends Elena, Max, Aria, and Carlos are waiting for us. We're like the "unpopular weird group who don't have any other friends" also known as the "UWGWDHAOF". But we just like to say "Weirdo's" It's good to be weird. 

Aria's POV

"Hey did you hear what happened to Josh this morning???" My brother Max runs to me. "Yeah, Em called me and told me. She just texted me saying they'll meet us at lunch, to save them a seat." I feel so bad for Josh, and Emily because I know how much she cares about him. I guess they're kinda lucky cuz French was boring, Math was just reviews, P.E turned into health (ew) and in Science we dissected frogs..(even more ew) so I guess they're lucky.

"They're here! Finally!" Carlos tells us. "No shit captain obvious!" Elena tells him. She started swearing when she was 8. I don't get her at all.... 

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