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4. Chapter 4

Savannah's POV

"Harry, you remember my grandparents, Christy and Pat." I gestured to them standing in front of us. "Of course, it's nice to see you again." He shook my grandma's hand, then my grandpas. "Mum, Pat, you remember Harry right?" I stood next to him, trying to be supportive. "How could we forget him? It's been awhile son, but you just can't forget those eyes." Pat said. I giggled, but Harry turned red. "Told you so." I jokingly said. Then we went in to visit. "Why do you call your grandma mum?" Harry walks into my room, no warning, no knock, typical. "It's a long story." I said rolling my eyes at his rudeness. "I have time." Harry smiles at me getting comfy on my bed ready to listen. "Of course you do. Ok well when I was a baby, my mom would always call my grandma 'mom'. Every time she answered the phone, opened the door, or just even talk to her. Well I could say momma but I couldn't say mom. So every time we'd see her I would try to say mom, but it came out mum, and from then on we've called her mum." "That wasn't too long of a story." He looked at me funny. "Yeah I know, I just didn't feel like explaining it, and me saying it's a long story usually gets rid of you." That came out a little harsh. "Well thanks, that makes me feel loved." He lied back on the bed, almost hit his head on the head board. "Awe Harry, you know you're very loved." I patted his arm. "Yeah sure, whatever you say." He rolled his eyes. "Hey don't be sarcastic with me." I took a pillow out from under his head. "What are you going to do about it?" I move slowly towards Harry getting ready to tickle him, then he just grabs me. "Hey stop let me go." I try to jerk my arms away. "Uhm, I don't think that's the best idea." He said walking towards the door. "Harry no." I was hoping my grandma would show up. "Oh come on. We're just going for a little ride." He flipped me over as we were walking outside. "Harry I know this place like the palm of my hand. Do not put me in that pool." I was not getting in the pool. "Who said I was gonna do that?" I could feel his curls, so I could tell that he had moved his head. "Like I said, I know this place fairly well, and I know you well enough to know you would put me in the pool." I was becoming dizzy now. "And there is nothing you can do to stop me." He sounded so happy, I could ruin that joy in an instant. "Oh really." I started to tickle him and he fell to the ground. I ran behind the barn, coming to the other side. I started walking slowly towards him, but he sees me. He gets a huge smile and slowly starts walking towards me. I walk backwards then just turn and run. I knew I couldn't outrun him so I braced myself for the pool. Just then I can feel someone grab me. Harry turns me around to face him. "Where do you think you're going?" He looked at me funny, again. "Well my plan was to get far away from the pool, but it doesn't matter now does it?" I really didn't want to get in the pool. "No, it doesn't. I wasn't planning on really throwing you in the pool, but now for sure I am." If he was putting me in, I was taking him down with me. "Harry what are you doing to my granddaughter?" My grandma walked up next to us. "Haha busted." I stuck my tongue out at him. "Oh hush." He let go of me and we both looked at her. "We were going for a swim." I was trying not to laugh, which cracked him up. "Did Savannah want to?" She was going to interrogate us. "Mum we were just trying to play around. I got him back so we're even. I wouldn't mind actually, it's kinda hot." I gave him the 'I just saved your butt, you owe me' look. "Ok you two get back up to the house, dinner is ready." As we walked up I started to walk backwards in front of him. "What?" He asks that a lot. "Nothing Harry. There isn't a reason for everything I do?" I couldn't help but get caught in those eyes. "Watch out." He pointed behind me. "Wha-" Then I ran into the wall. "That looks like it hurt." He smiled. "You wanna find out?" I rubbed my head. "No thank you." He shook his head. "Will you check it?" I knew he would, so I turned around. "It's good. No knots." Then he patted it. After we ate, I took a bath to relax, then went to relax. I heard a knock on the door, after that happened I knew it couldn't be Harry. "Come in. Really there's no need to knock." My grandma came in. "Savannah I need to talk to you." She sat down at the end of the bed. "Yes?" This was weird. "Well what's up with you and Harry?" She looked excited to hear what I had to say. "Harry is a friend, my best friend. There's nothing between us." I tried to tell her, but I don't think she believed me. "Ok, well I just wanted to know." She gave me a hug. "It's ok, I mean I know it seems like we are, but no. We are spending the summer at the beach house because of trouble back home." She shook her head, but nope hadn't convinced her. "Ok sweetie, well I'll let you get to bed." She started to walk to the door. "Night." I said as she shut the door. I tried to sleep, but my thoughts kept drifting. I was staring at the ceiling, the door started to open. I was a little scared at first, then I realized it was just Harry. "Are you asleep?" He was whispering, I almost couldn't hear him. "No, I can't. I've got too much on my mind." I sat up. I was trying to see where he was. "Good." Not good. I was exhausted. "You can come lay down if you want." Hopefully he wouldn't lay down on top of me. I can hear him tiptoeing across the room, then I feel the bed sink in. "This house is nice." I remembered I would say that all every time we came over. "I love it... Harry, can I ask you something?" If my grandma talked to me, my grandpa or both of them may have talked to him. "What is it?" "Did my grandma or grandpa come talk to you?" I was worried at what he would have to say about it. "Actually yes. Why?" He started to move around a little. "Just wondering. Night Harry." Hopefully I could get some sleep now. "Night love." I turned on my side hoping to fall asleep soon, and to my surprise I did. When I woke up, I was close to Harry. He was talking in his sleep and it took everything to keep me from laughing. As I was getting dressed I could smell bacon. When I was done I went straight to the kitchen. "How did you?" Harry was helping my grandma make pancakes. "Good morning." He took the piece of bacon out of his mouth and waved it in my face. "Made your favorite, but you can't have any." Then he took another bite off the bacon strip. I could smell Harry's cologne, he wasn't wearing cologne though, he was wearing my perfume. "You're wearing my expensive perfume?" I crossed my arms. "Yes I am." He moved a pancake onto a plate. "It's expensive." My grandma put the plate on a tray, which means it was for my grandpa. "If I have to, I'll buy you more." He moves to a different pan, moves a pancake out of it. "Now go eat." He turns around handing me my plate. After breakfast we decided to leave. It would've been nice to stay with my grandparents longer, but we had to go. I was already getting the feeling of Mikey creeping up on me. I know they didn't want us to go. The farther away I get from home, the farther away the memories get buried. I'm not leaving to have Mikey follow me.

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