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18. Chapter 18

• Harry •

Savannah and I were playing a game, I didn't hear what she called it. But one person lays their hands on the other persons and you have to move them before they hit yours. I had never played it before today, yet we were tied. Our tie breaker was interrupted by a continuos knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Savannah called as she ran to the door.

"How many people you expecting?" Hearing his voice made me cringe. He was really here. I really had to deal with him, after all these years.

"You just have to be safe Lou." She shrugged as she opened to door. He swept her up, which made me cringe again.

"Hey Harold." Louis came in, taking me surprise, and hugging me. And hugged back, for some reason. "Louis, it's been a while."

He wasn't any taller, but other than that, he was exactly the same. His hair may actually be a little longer also. It was styled strange, so I couldn't really tell.

He wore a jersey and some shorts. I stared at the jersey for a moment, then I realized what team it was for. Before I could even open my mouth, he began talking about it.

"This." He pulled on the jersey. "Yeah." He smiled down at it. It must be his pride and joy. "Once you two moved away, into that little apartment building, I realized I had fucked up. I got my shit together. Now, I'm living my dream." He smiled at the jersey again, looked up and smiled at us.

"That's amazing Lou." Savannah gave him a hug.

"Congrats Louis."

When he looked at me his smile disappeared. "Can we talk?"

"If it's about-"

"It's not, but it's kind of important." We looked at Savannah. She nodded and went upstairs.

We stepped into the other room just in case.

"Who's Mikey, and Andrea, and this Dean guy?" My eyes grew wide as he said those three names together.

"How do you know those names?" I walked over to him and he handed me something from his back pocket.

"It says something about Mikey. He got out on bail, there's not going to be a trial. And the letter is from Dean. What the hell is going on Harry?"

"Mikey isn't going to jail?" I spoke a loud as I read from the paper. "What I saw yesterday wasn't in my head Louis. They're watching us."

"Who?" Louis, for once, looked concerned.

"Andrea and Mikey. They're the whole reason we're here and then Mikey came and tried to kill us. Andrea apologized, I thought she was moving on..." I read over the paper one more time.

"What about Dean?"

"He's Mikey's dad. He's a cop, arrested his own son." I breathed, thinking about Dean taking him out made me feel better. But it was all for nothing. I began to panic again.

"That's fucked up." Louis shook his head. "Do you have one of those things, you know, where they aren't aloud within so-"

"No, but even if we did that's not going to stop them. Louis, you haven't met these two. They're psychotic." I ran a hand through my hair, letting out a deep breath.

"Is everything alright?" Our eyes shot to the archway.

I stuck the letter in my back pocket. She half smiled as she walked into the room.

"You two looked worried about something."

Louis shook his head. "Nah. Just conversing about... What to get you for your birthday. You're very hard to please dear." He walked over to her, putting an arm around her. When he looked at me he winked.

"We couldn't decide if you'd like a puppy or kitten. So I guess we'll have to get you both." I gave the most convincing smile I possibly could at a moment like this."

She walked towards me, still holding onto Louis, pulled us into a group hug. Our foreheads pressed together, we all laughed from the different memories going through our heads. "All I need is my boys."


I stepped off the stairs. They both looked at me but didn't say anything. I sat in the chair to the side, sinking into it, getting comfortable.

"Where'd you go?" Louis looked up at me, breaking the silence.

"I had to use the bathroom. You want to see?" I didn't mean to sound angry, because I wasn't. It was learning that Mikey wasn't going to be punished. Him and Andrea were probably right down the road right now watching the house with binoculars or something.

"They call you Mr. Curly. I call you Mr. Crabby." Louis smiled, but I just glared at him. Savannah was chuckling, I glared at her too. I began to shake my head.

Savannah cleared her throat and opened her mouth, but it took a moment before any words came. "Although Harry can be a little moody." She looked at Louis. "You can't talk to my boyfriend like that." Her gaze switched to me.

I sat straight up as it hit me. "What?" Louis and I said at the same time.

"Please, do go on." Louis set his head on his hand as she began to explain. I stopped listening after a while, started thinking. What if it doesn't work. "If it lasts, then it does. If not, we're just friends."

"Are you kidding me?" Louis threw his arms out. "You two should've been together a long time ago. This is precious, absolutely perfect."


Louis turned to face us, walking backwards. I tried to warn him, but it was too late. He knocked into someone, making both of them fall to the ground. I stopped Savannah and myself before we tripped over them. The other person's friends did the same.

Louis stood, holding his head. When he realized whoever he had knocked over was still on the ground he reached down. The boy backed up and stood on his own.

"I'm sorry." Louis put his hand at his side.

The boys eyes narrowed at him for a moment, then he loosened up a little. He fixed his jacket, brushed the dirt off his bum. "It's a sidewalk, not a stage. We don't want to see your tricks boy."

"I've got a lot more where that came from." Louis pulled a wallet from his back pocket. "Actually, you just dropped it."

The boy snatched it, sticking it in his jacket pocket. He nodded at Louis, walked pass us into the darkness, his fiends following.

"Louis." I shouted at him. "What was-"

"His name is Liam." Louis held up a business card. "Liam Payne, and he owns a dance studio." He looked from the cars to where Liam disappeared.


We lied on the beach, completely drunk. It reminded me of the first year we all went to camp. Louis had snuck in some weird mix he had made, and we sat on the roof. We drunk it all in the first night, fell asleep on top of the building watching the stars.

"I bet you we'll make it to sunrise this time." Savannah lied between us. She turned to Louis as she spoke.

"I bet you we won't. Look at Harold over there, practically having to hold his eyes open." I turned as I heard my name.

"We'll make it." I mumbled.

Savannah smiled at Louis. He nodded. "Okay. Ten bucks we won't."

"Ten bucks we will." They shook hands.

It became silent except for the waves hitting the sand. It was like that until we saw the first ray of sunshine creeping over the water.

"Hah." Savannah whispered. Louis handed her two fives.

I watched the sun come up, sipping on some water.


I thought I had lost my arms and legs, I couldn't move. When I realized we were still outside, I noticed the mound of sand on top of me.

"Ha ha. Very funny." I rolled my eyes, trying to move around. It was impossible.

I looked around and saw Savannah and Louis had moved the lounge chairs out onto the beach. They couldn't be more than three feet away, and I was for sure one of them was awake by now.

"One of you get over here and help me. Now." Nobody moved.

"I need help." I yelled as if someone would magically appear.

Soon a shadow came over me. "What time is it?" I asked them.

"It's about noon." Her voice was high-pitched, like a pageant mom or a rodeo boys girlfriend. It gave me a headache, but I needed her help. "What did you do?" She kneeled down, brushing sand off the top.

"I fell asleep first." I could feel it growing lighter.

She chewed her gum, pushing the sand to the side. It was quiet between us until I was able to lift my body out.

"Oh my. You're tattoo darling. I love it." She ran her hand over the butterfly.

Once she stopped, there was an awkward silence. I looked behind the girl toward Louis and Savannah. Savannah was pearling through her arms at me. She waved a little. I shook my head, I was going to kill them both.

"Oops, I almost forgot. I'm Autumn."

"Harry." I said as I stood, more sand falling off me.

She motioned to the house. "Do you, like, own this place?" I shook my head and motioned to Savannah. "She does. Well, her grandparents do."

Savannah stirred, opening her eyes. "Who's this?" She asked as she stretched.

"Autumn. She helped me get out of the sand. How did you guys even do that, anyways?"

Savannah sat up. She dug her toes into the sand. "Magic."

I sat in front of her. My head rest against her knees. "Bull."

Savannah's smile dimmed when she looked up to see Autumn. She must have forgotten about her.

"I'm Savannah." She reached out, shaking hands with Autumn.

Autumn rest herself on one of her hands. She looked us up and down a few times. "Are you two, uhm..."

"Together?" I finished her question. She nodded.

I looked up at Savannah. She shrugged. "Yeah." I answered, without looking away. "We sure are."

"We were really good friends for awhile." Savannah added.

"Did you ever think of the relationship being, you know, awkward? Because of the friendship."

"Of course. But I just, I love her. That's all it takes right?" Autumn nodded as I spoke.

Savannah turned my head to face her. " You're absolutely perfect."

"I love you." I whispered to her.

"And I love you." She whispered kissed my forehead.

"I know. That's why this will work."

"Really Harry?" Louis mumbled as he rolled off the chair.

"I liked it." I shrugged.

Louis walked around the other chair, finding a spot next to me. He had lost his shirt too, stolen my sunglasses, and really needed to brush his hair.

"We just keep making friends." Louis waved at Autumn.

"I wouldn't exactly call bumping into someone and stealing their wallet to learn something about them making friends." I looked over at Louis.

"Yeah, but no one asked you Harold." He looked from me to Autumn. "These two aren't boring you are they? Usually I'm here to lighten the mood, but we all need our beauty sleep sometimes. I don't get this ass by asking for it."

Autumn giggled a little. "No. They're fine. Actually, they have quite a story."

"That they do love, that they do."


Savannah and I decided we'd take a walk. She splashed some water at me with her feet. I smiled and kicked some back.

We began to walk again. "Harry are you okay?"

"No." I looked the opposite away. What do I tell her? Mikey could be here at any moment. He could've killed us last night. What was he waiting for.

I faced the other homes, and I screamed it. "What are you waiting for?"

I began to cry. Savannah put her arms around me. I held her tight. I could lose her. She could lose me. What would she even do? I don't know exactly how she feels. How would she react?

As we pulled away she asked what was going on. "It's just a bit chaotic right now. I mean, your birthday is in two days. I don't have anything planned."

"Harry, don't worry about that." She wiped away a tear that was falling behind.

"We can wait until we get back home to-"

"No." I said before she could even finish. "We're doing this. Only six more days to go." I crossed my arms and started to kick sand around. "You still don't want to do this. I thought-"

"I'm just scared Harry."

"Scared of what?" I walked towards her. "What is there to be scared of?" I stood in front of her with my arms out.

She shrugged. "I don't know." It came out almost as a whisper.

"You need to stop worrying so much about it. It's a new feeling, I know. I've been there. You'll get used to it though." I took her hands. "And I know it feels like we're risking everything, but..."

"But?" She questioned me.

"But I believe we're going to make it." I moved closer to her, putting her hands around my neck.

Her chocolate eyes seemed to melt in the light of the sunset, they melted me too.

"We're going to make it." I whispered to her, although it was useless. I was trying to convince myself about Mikey, but I think that was impossible.

"Sure." She moved her arms around my waist, lying her head on my chest.

I could hear Louis yelling and whistling at us. Savannah looked up at me, she came in closer. I was so caught up in the moment, when she backed up I got confused.

She walked backwards as she talked. "I think I get it now Harry. Let go. See where the wind takes you." Then she turned around and ran down the edge of the water.

When I realized what happened, I went after her. When I caught her, she just collapsed in laughter. I could feel where the water had hit her legs, and the sand on the bottom of her feet.

"Harry, I can't breathe." She said between her laughter.

"Well that's because you won't stop laughing love. Calm down."

"Let go." She tried to push my arms away from her.

I looked at Louis and he shook his head.

"If Louis says no, then I know it wouldn't be a good idea." I set my head on her shoulder. "I'll let you go if you do something for me?"

"No." She shook her head. Her hair hitting me in the face.

"Stay like this, that's fine with me too." I put all my weight to one side, acting like I was getting comfortable.

She sighed. "What is it?"

I moved her body to face me, keeping a good grip on her though. "Since a little kiss is such a big deal I'm trying to think of something better."

"I can do a kiss."

"I don't want one now." I but my bottom lip as I thought.

"You can be such a little kid sometimes." She rolled her eyes, and as they placed themselves, I got caught, again.


"Nothing." I shook my head, letting her go.

"I never left you as a friend. I was always there. Now that we're more, now that I care even more, what makes you think I'd just leave it all?" She looked shocked at my words.

"I know you won't Harry." She ran her hand down my arm and our fingers fell together. "I have to tell you something though." We began to walk toward the house.

"Go ahead."

"Don't get mad okay?" It was worrying me. How bad was it that she had to tell me this?"

"We'll see. Just tell me."

"I kissed Louis last night." The words hit me and I stopped in the middle of my step. "And there's actually more I need to tell you, but I want to wait until later."

She started to walk away but I grabbed her arm. "Now." She sighed and began explaining.

"The last year of camp, when he slept with your girlfriend?" I nodded. "He came to my cabin, and we went out into the woods. You remember the big lake way back in the woods that they used for practice paddling and stuff?" I nodded again, biting the inside of my cheek. "Well, we sat there, our feet in the water. There was a crescent moon that night. We weren't drunk, or at least I wasn't. He leaned over, kissing my cheek. It was really quiet. There were no bugs, no wind, nothing. We looked at each other for a moment, then that was kind of it." She shrugged as she finished the story off.

"And what about last night?" I kept my eyes at the ground.

"Last night was nothing. I guess it just reminded us both of old times, which made it happen. See Harry, you weren't the only one hurt by Louis. But I didn't know why he left me until the other day." She went to touch me and I backed away.

"Just give me a minute." I held up one finger. "What did Louis say?"

"He didn't say anything. I don't think he even remembers. I want to forget it. I want to take it back..." She began to tear up. "I'm so stupid." She ran a hand through her hair, wiped away some tears.

"No. You were just drunk."

She let out a breath knowing I had forgiven her.

"We let this go. It never happened." She nodded her head continuously as we hugged.


"What is that?" Louis looked at the pan disgusted.

"That's what we're eating." I looked at him as serious as I could.

"I'd rather starve. It looks like you took a shit and then threw up in it." He shook his head, as he walked away from the food.

"Does it look that bad? It actually sme-. Oh that looks so gross." Savannah cuffed her mouth with one hand. Then walked away. "I can't look at that again." She shook her head like Louis did.

"Wait till it's done. You won't be able to take your eyes off of it." I smiled over my shoulder at her.


"Oh my gosh, this is delicious." Savannah had only taken a little bite, but stuck a second one as soon as the flavor hit her tongue.

"Louis, your turn." I looked over at him.

"Here goes nothing" he shrugged his shoulders and took a huge bite. "Not bad." He was taking another bite.

"Thank you." Louis and Savannah said at the same time. We all laughed for a second about it.

"My birthday is in two days?" Savannah set her fork down, staring into an abyss.

"How old are you going to be?" Louis asked as he got another serving.


"Don't make any plans." Louis pointed at her with his fork.

"Wasn't planning on it." She started to eat again, but still seemed shocked.


I lied down on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. I closed my eyes when I heard Savannah say something.

"I'm sorry." She sat at my feet.

"For what?" I gave her a smile.

"Nothing." She crawled up next to me. I put my arm around her.

"I think someone decided it was time to put my puzzle back together." She whispered to me as she drifted into sleep.

I kissed her forehead. "Me too."

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