Steven the C gull


1. Steven the C gull

I am Steven the seagull
The wannabe Italian porn star
Ho un walther sei pollici...   

Give it a rest
When I'm in my nest mating
Filming my
Next big X rating
The roof top vid
That only top birds reach
With a tip top title
Sex near the beach

I am Steven the seagull
My gull is only sixteen
But I am getting older
I peeked in nineteen eighty three

I married twice 
But at the same time
They seem to see it
As another crime
I asked Genoveses
He said it was fine
Gambino caught on
Got my hit assigned
But I re-defined
His mafia mind
With a judo match
And a glass of wine

I am Steven the seagull
The wannabe Italian gangster
Stare ou la mia attività...

Gunshot straight
Hit you in the hair
I don't care
You're the foreigner
I want you gone
And I'm staying here

I get about by
Flight of fury
I'm the big dick criminal
The judge and jury
I was
Born to raise hell 
Fire down below
My whitey yellow
Caught your elbow
Because your, to, slow!

White stuff dropped from feathers
I’m the main beach pimp
Force execution
I am the missing link

I am Steven the seagull
The wannabe Italian drug dealer
Coccain dalla strada...
I will add it to your meala

I'm impossibly
Hard to kill 
It is all down to my karma

This is a warner brother
I’m your Italian lucky charmer

I am Steven the seagull
The wannabe Italian Bruce Lee...
No in fact I wanna be from China
...I'm Stevie G

My martial art
Tops the bill
Targets the heart
And requires my skills
I will bomb your washing
On a deadly crossing
Because I am Stevie G

I am Steven the seagull
The wannabe Italian beast
Mangio un sacco di pizza
Every meal is a feast

When I see burgers
I have myself two
It is an anciant skill
To levitate and chew
I eat your food every time you pass
I need an extra big throne 
To fit my big holy ass
I please myself
Because it keeps me pleased
So out my way 
Or be
Under siege

I am Steven the seagull
The wannabe Italian Prophet
Io sono un sex symbol...
I keep getting told...DROP IT!

I am bigger than God
I reincarnate
I am a
Tulku Buddhist Mate
So broaden
Your lips upwards
So your eyes begin to crease
Think about funny things

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