A Turn Of Events - Jake's Story

This is the third in the series A Turn Of Events, this is Jake's story, it will follow more or less the same story line but in his point of view.

Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


3. Part 3 - My secret

My sister Ellie and my girlfriend Kim got into a pathetic argument and that's how my nose got broken (but don't tell anyone)

Ellie had walked into the kitchen with a cup of tea and Kim had demanded that ellie should go make her one.

"Go make me a cup of tea" Kim said

"You've got legs" El said. I tried not to smile.

"Don't talk to me like that" Kim sneered

"My house, you're nothing to me so I can talk to you like that" she said.

I knew she detested Kim and they would never be friends and that was sad but at the end of the day I loved Ellie more.

"Jake are you really just going to sit there and let your sister talk to me like that?" ugh Kim had pulled me into it.

I really wanted to just say yes but I knew that would hurt her more.

"Kim you have got legs, go and make it yourself" Ellie looked surprised as she inwardly spurted tea and started having a coughing fit in the corner.

"Who's side are you on!" Kim asked



"Hers she's my sister"

"Fine" Kim said walking towards me.

Then she punched me and there was a lot of blood.

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