Dark Secrets

My name's Hope and I'm dead... Well, I'm supposed to be. I woke up buried and in a cemetery and to make matters worse it looks like I have a personal stalker as well who may be my only chance at answers. Let's just hope he doesn't kill me while we're at it.


3. Chapter 3

After a minute or so I could see again, so I got up and started to walk around when I realized I wasn't in the same house anymore. "Where am I?" I asked myself softly. 

I was in a big room with cream coloured walls, a plain sofa, a small TV, various paintings on the walls and a small wooden coffee table.

Through a doorway I saw three people in the kitchen. A young woman was kneading bread on the counter, a little girl that looked to be around seven years old was washing the vegetables next to her, and a man who was probably the father was cutting up the vegetables that the little girl washed.

Suddenly, the father lifted up the little girl and put her on his shoulders. He started to run around the kitchen while the girl screamed with joy. The mother stopped kneading the bread and started to chase them laughing. At that moment, I had the strangest moment of deja vu. I decided to speak up and say hello, but no one seemed to hear anything that I said or did. I remembered that I'd fainted, so was this possibly a dream? But why would I dream of this?

I looked down at my wrist where my birthmark was. My birthmark was different, it was in the shape of a heart. I turned my attention back to the family, more so on the little girl. Her arm flailed and I caught a glimpse of something on her arm. A birthmark on her wrist, in the shape of a heart. That wasn't just any little girl, that was me!

Everything started to fade, and a voice, his voice, the voice of the strange man echoed in my head, "Enjoy this moment, because you can never rejoin your family."

I awoke startled. His voice echoing over and over again in my head, "Enjoy this moment because you can never rejoin your family."

That was when realized there was light streaming in through the unboarded window I'd climbed in through. It must be morning I thought to myself and climbed out the window onto the street.

My stomach growled, I was starving. Then I remembered that I had no money.

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