Dark Secrets

My name's Hope and I'm dead... Well, I'm supposed to be. I woke up buried and in a cemetery and to make matters worse it looks like I have a personal stalker as well who may be my only chance at answers. Let's just hope he doesn't kill me while we're at it.


13. Chapter 13

 I went from treetop to treetop, jumping and grabbing branches then pulling my body to the trunk of the tree. I hopped down and started walking through the hot and humid forest thinking of Chase.

 Why had Chase helped me, hes an Ajokoira, he hunts monsters like me. Why wouldn't he just let Brittani, I thought he wanted me dead.

I reached the edge of the forest making sure to keep to the shadows since it was a sunny day. I watched the humans down below acting out their lives completely oblivious to the things that walked among them.  

 I dropped off the edge and tried to blend in with my tattered clothes and dirty hair as best I could. I thought I would stop in at the grocery store since its always air conditioned and I needed to waste time till sundown.

 I casually walked into a horde of people outside a store waiting for it to open when I smelled it. The glorious scent that made my mouth water, the sound of pumping and rushing liquid. It was all around me, Blood. I quickly headed into the store and leaned against a shelf holding onto it with a death grip so I wouldn't lose control. 

 I wanted it. I needed it. I craved it. I darted my eyes around frantically from person to person trying to find a target. Then I found one. A man, around forty years old with the blood veins on his neck pulsing with blood. He had run here and his blood was pumping. I followed him inconspicuously through the store grabbing a chocolate bar and paying for it without taking my eyes off my target.

 He jogged through the streets and darted into an alley and I knew this was my opportunity.

I darted ahead of him and fell down, forcing tears to run down my face. He stopped, I sobbed and felt his hand on my arm.

"Are you alright?" He asked and I shook my head.

 I sat up slowly and turned "I don't think I can stand." I said and wiped my hand over my face.

He leaned down to help me stand up and I knew this would be my only chance. My mind took a turn and started to think about this mans life, is he a father? Grandfather? Husband? He was healthy and could live a lot longer, and now I'm taking his life away. I could be taking someones happiness away just because he was nice enough to help a girl who fell. I was about to rethink my actions when my hunger kicked in. My mind went blank as I felt my fangs dig into my lip. I opened my mouth and sank my fangs into the soft flesh of his neck, draining blood as he got weaker and weaker and stopped struggling with each second I drank.

I pulled away from his lifeless body letting it fall to the ground. I stood up to regain my senses, I looked at my hands which were dotted with blood from his struggling then I looked at him.  His pale body so limp and frail. How could I have done this to an innocent person. I backed against a wall and slid down it starting to cry. Why did i have to be like this? So violent, so cruel, so... monstrous. But I guess that's all I am now right?  A monster. I stayed there the rest of the day and into the night crying for hours and thinking of the thing I had become.


A/N so guys, I am very sorry you guys had to wait so long for this chapter, and I'm sorry if you don't like it, Elizabeth gave me a really good rough draft and I added things, yea yea I know I'm crappy at editing, sorry. But I really hoped you enjoyed it since we finally got over writers block, yay! I hope I can update soon! Wow, almost a thousand views and so many nice comments, you guys never disappoint! Thank you to all of you and I'm glad you decided to read this little movella of ours. So until next chapter bye my Vamprettes (that's what I'm calling you deal with it)  and thanks again ~C 



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