Questo Amore


10. Uneasy Feeling

RECAP- "Mmm, I think it's not something you should worry about. It's not like he's going to stop the wedding from happening." You nod in agreement. "Yeah, you're right."

Antonella and you Finnish eating and say your goodbyes. You start your car and drive home. When you get home, you notice you have a missed call.. from Gianluca




You hesitate before dialing back. What if he tells you something you don't want to hear? How would you even react? You dial his number, and he answers after the third ring. "Hello?" "Uh, Gian, did you call me?" Nervousness lingers in your words. "Oh.. I just wanted to tell you that, well.." "Go ahead, say it." You hear a click, which obviously indicates that he hung up. You feel sick to your stomach. Ever since your engagement, you get this uneasy feeling in your stomach whenever Gianluca is ever mentioned. Something isn't right with him, and you're almost positive that it has to do with you. Should you tell Ignazio? Or are you blowing this way out of proportion?

After thinking about what you should do, you decide not to tell Ignazio. If he found out, that could start issues between them again, and you don't want to be the one responsible for that. Not telling Ignazio makes you feel a bit guilty though.

You hear a knock at the door. You look through the peek-hole, but you don't see anyone. You shrug it off and go sit on the couch, and you hear the knocking again. You open the door, and all of a sudden, a guy in a mask jumps onto the doorsteps. "BOO!" You scream, but then you realize it's Ignazio. He's always pulling jokes on you. "Ignazio! He starts laughing hysterically. "You're so mean!" "I'm sorry, amore. Do you forgive me? Those pouty lips are asking for a kiss" A smile spreads across your face. Ignazio makes you forget all about your problems. You pucker your lips, Ignazio smirks, and pulls you close to him. His face is about 3 inches away from yours, and he's just gazing into your eyes. You barley have to lean in to kiss him. Ignazio pulls you back for a second to look at you and smiles, and he pulls you even closer. He's about to kiss you when he says, " I can hear wedding bells already. I love you." He passionately kisses you, and you wish you could kiss him forever, but you pull back to catch a breath. "Out of breath already?" "Practice makes perfect." "As long as I get to kiss your lips, I'll be happy." You kiss once more, and you once again feel his smile. He always smiles when you two kiss, and you loved that about him.

Ignazio laughs and grabs your hands, fingers interlocking. He motions for the couch and sets you on his lap. "Amore mio, we need to talk about the wedding details like budget, the religious ceremony, venues, music, and all that stuff." Ignazio's eyes sparkle. "Don't worry about the budget. Choose anything you want; I'll pay for it all." You let out a grunt. You've never been fond of having him pay for anything of yours. "But Ignazio-" He doesn't let you finish. "Don't even start. I know you don't like me paying for anything, but you're my fiancé, and we're going to be a married couple soon. It's my responsibility to provide for you financially. You need to start getting used to it." Your eyebrows furrow and you bite your bottom lip."I don't understand why you have to pay for everything though. I make good money! Can't we split it fifty-fifty?" Ignazio shakes his head and says, "Nonsense, I'll pay for everything." "Ugh! Can I  at least pay for the flowers or something?" You give him the puppy-eyes, and he finally agrees, "If it'll make you happy then yes, but everything else is on me, okay?" You beem at him and give him a peck on the lips. "Yay, thank you! Ti amo!" "I love you too, bella. Oh, as far as the religious ceremony, I'd like to have it at Basilica di San Domenico in Bologna, if that's alright with you." "Of course! It's beautiful there! Plus, I haven't been to Bologna in a while, so it'll be perfect." "Bene. Basilica di San Domenico it is then." He smiles that illuminating smile that you just can't resist.

He looks at his watch and says, "Damn it, it's already 7:30. Mi dispiace, I have to get back to the studio. We're working on the new album, and we've been working like crazy lately." You hated when he left your side. You realize you're still on his lap, so you quickly get up. He gives you one last passionate kiss before he leaves, and as you're about to open the door for him, you hear a knock. Your face expresses confusion. "Who could it be?" Ignazio shrugs. You open the door and it's Gianluca. His hair usually isn't in its usual swooped-back style, it's actually curly. He's wearing red jeans and a black v-neck with white suspenders.

Why would he be here? When he sees Ignazio, his eyes widen a bit, like he wasn't expecting him yo be there. "Hey, Gianluca. What a surprise." Ignazio is totally oblivious to the anxiousness in Gianluca's eyes because he smiles and says, "Gianluca! I was about to head to the studio. How did you know I was here?" Gianluca's facial expression changes in a matter of milliseconds. He looks completely cheerful and happy. "Well, you're always at Teresa's house, so I figured I'd find you here." Gianluca smiles, but you can tell it's not genuine. Ignazio replies," You know me well! We should get going! We were suppose to be at the studio fifteen minutes ago." Gianluca nods and says, "Yeah, I just really need to use the restroom. Do you mind if I step inside, Teresa?" "Oh, go ahead." "Thank you. Nazio, here are the keys to my car. Start up the car, per favor." "Sure thing!" Ignazio hugs and kissed you, his back to Gianluca, and you notice Gianluca flinch at the kiss. Ignazio walks to the car, and before he gets in the passenger seat he says, "Ciao, amore mio!" You wave at him. "Arrivederci, ti amo!"

You and Gianluca walk back into your house, and you point toward the bathroom. He goes into the bathroom, and after about a minute, he comes out. He stands in your living room and looks at you for about five seconds. "Well, I better get going." "See you later, Gian!" Instead of walking towards the door, he takes a step towards you and puts his arms out for a hug. You don't want to hug him, but you don't want to be rude either. After all, he's been your friend since you guys were kids. You hug him, but when you try pulling away, he holds you tighter and whispers in your ear, "Tu sei bellissima."

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