Questo Amore


17. The Call

RECAP- You and Valentina continue talking for about an hour when you get and call from Piero. "Hello?" "Teresa, you need to fly over here immediately!"  His tone of voice makes your stomach twist and churn. "What happened to him?" Ignazio got.. shot."


"You're not serious. Please, tell me you're not serious." Your voice cracks. "I know it's terrible, but you need to come soon. The nearest airport if Madrid Barajas International Airport, I'll send you the hospital's address by text." "I'll be right there," you say while holding back tears. Valentina questions, "What happened?" "Ignazio.. he got shot.. " "What! That's horrible! You need to go see him. Where is he?" "He's in Madrid. I gotta go. Valentina, I'm sorry." Don't worry about it, I'm sure he'll be okay. Have a safe flight." You give Valentina a quick hug before storming off to the airport.

You arrive at Fiumicino Airport in five minutes. You don't even stop by your place to get some clothes. The only thing you can think about is Ignazio. You run up to the counter and say," I need to be on the plane to Madrid as soon as possible." The lady behind the counter asks you for your information, and after about ten minutes, you finally get the ticket. "Do you have and luggage?" "No." The lady looks at you like your crazy but, you don't care. You board the plane about half an hour later. The flight lasted almost three hours. You stand in the airport lobby and call Piero immediately. "He-" You don't even give him a chance to answer. "What's the the address?" Your voice is harsh yet filled with worry. "It's Aeropuerto de Barajas, 28042." "I'm on my way." You walk out of the airport and flag a taxi. You get into the taxi and say, "Llévame al Aeropuerto de Barajas lo más pronto posible." You get there in three minutes exactly. After playing the driver. You run inside as fast as you can.

The first nurse you see, you ask, "I need to see my fiancé. He was just shot." She gives you a sympathetic look, and leads to you where Piero and Gianluca are. They're both sitting down with the most solemn looks you've ever seen on their faces. "Piero," He gets up and says, "He's still in surgery." You feel the tears you held back earlier start flowing down your cheeks. With a cracked voice, you ask, " Could you tell me what the hell happened?" Piero makes your sit down and then sits next to you. He grabs your hand and says, "Some jerk tried to 'jump' Ignazio. Gianluca and I didn't see it happen, but we heard the gunshot from the car. I couldn't stop the guy, he started running and I couldn't leave Ignazio bleeding there. i-i'm so sorry. I couldn't stop it." You hug Piero tightly. "Hey, it's not your fault. If you could have done something, you would have. I know that." Piero starts shaking a bit, and you can tell he's crying, which makes you cry even more. Gianluca walks over to you and Piero and said, "He's going to be okay, He's going to be okay.."

After another half an hour of torturous waiting, a doctor comes out. "Are you friend of Ignazio?" You nod your heard. "Doctor is he-" "He just just got out of surgery." "Will he be okay?" "He's going to be just fine, but I must admit it's a miracle he's alive. He lost quite a bit of blood, and he the bullet would have been an inch to the left, it would have gone though his heart." You jump and shake the doctor's hand. "Thank  you, doctor, thank you so much. When can I see him?" "You'll be able to see him in about 20 minutes. I'll send a nurse to take you to his room when he's ready." You thank the doctor again and hug both Piero and Gianluca. In such a horrid situation like this, it feels great to have your best friends with you. Regardless of any problems you've had with Gianluca, you know he cares about Ignazio as a brother, and that sends rays of joy directly to your heart It's unbelievable how much you love Ignazio. The thought of him not making it was unbearable.

A nurse finally comes."Only one person can visit the patient at a time." Piero and Gianluca nod at you, so you follow the nurse to the room that Ignazio's is. The moment you see him on the hospital bed, your heart sinks a little. Nothing like this has ever happened to him, so it's a bit heartbreaking to see him like that. The nurse leaves as you walk towards the bed. His face seems peaceful, like nothing ever happened. You kiss his cheek lightly, and his eyes flutter open. Ignazio sets his gaze on you before painfully saying, "Ti amo."

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