Questo Amore


6. Perfection

RECAP- When are you going to talk to my parents? Wait, have you even told your parents yet?” “My sister actually helped me pick out your ring a week ago, and my parents are aware that I’ve been planning on asking you. Do you think I could come over for dinner sometime to speak to your parents?” The idea makes you smile. “Yes, of course. My mom asked about you the other day. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you coming over tomorrow.” Ignazio smiles, nods, drinks a bit of wine, and says, “Tomorrow it is then.”


Ignazio looks at his watch and says, "É tard. I should be getting you home." "Yeah, let me go to the restroom real quick." You get up and walk to the restroom, and when you get there, you look in the mirror and squeal as quietly as possible. It's like a dream! You and Ignazio are getting married!

After taking everything in, you walk out of the restroom and notice Ignazio isn't sitting at the table. "Maybe he also went to the restroom." You say quietly. You sit down, and as you're about to pull your phone out while waiting for him something grabs your foot and you yelp. Disembodied laughter burts from under the table. Ignazio comes out from under the table, still laughing and manages to say, "Sorry amore, but I couldn't resist!""You scared me!" you say as you lightly punch Ignazio on the shoulder. He laughs a bit more and says "Domestic violence!" "Hahaha! Right!" He winks at you and asks, "Ready to go home?" "Yeah, I guess, but could you stay with be for a while? Please?" "Anything you want, bella." Ignazio pays the bill, you two hold hands, and heads to your place. 

When you arrive, you excuse yourself to go change into your favourite Il Volo T-shirt and sweats. You take off your makeup, brush your teeth and put your hair in a bun. Finally, you go to the living room. Ignazio is sitting on the couch on his phone, probably texting Gianluca or Piero. When he sees you, a smile spreads across that beautiful face of his. "Come, let's take a picture!" "Amore mio, I just took my off my makeup and got changed. Why didn't you ask me before when I was dressed up?" "Because you don't need any of that to look beautiful." " Once again, your cheeks start to warming up. You tell him, "You never seize to amaze me." "So that means you'll take the picture?" Ignazio chuckles and you say, " Of course!" You sit next to Ignazio and he pulls you close. Ignazio motions you to kiss him on the lips and when you do , he takes the picture. "Are you going to upload that on Twitter?" He shakes his head. "No, I just wanted a picture of us on out engagement day. Although, Gianluca and Piero probably secretly took some pictures at the restaurant." You feel a wave of sadness. Ignazio never really liked being public about your relationship. Yeah, you guys would go everywhere together, but he would never upload picture of you two very often. He seems to have noticed the slight sadness on your face. "Hey, it's not because I don't want to. If it were up to me, I would be unloading pictures like this all the time, but I know how some fans would be. I really don't want to see any rude tweets or messages being towards you. Keep that in mine, beautiful." Could he really get anymore perfect? His desire to make you happy is so strong, it radiates off of him. You give him a smile before saying. "I know you're just trying to protect me. Grazie, amore." He hugs you tightly, and you pull him as close to you as possible. "It's like a dream, knowing you're going to be the future Signora Boschetto. I'll never leave your side, Teresa." You feel your heart melting into a puddle before replying, "And I'll never leave yours, I love you."

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