Questo Amore


14. I Love You

RECAP- Ignazio gives you a reassuring look, "No, amore! Of course not! I would just like to wait until we're married. I know it seems  bit old fashion, but I think it would make it more special." You smile shyly and ask something you'd never think you would, "Have you though about.. doing it before?" Ignazio chuckles and says, "To be completely honest with you, bella, I've thought about it several times."



For some reason, his response surprised you much more than you expected. You've never really thought of Ignazio in such a physical way because your love is based on sentiments more than anything else. You feel a sense of relief to know that you and Ignazio can love each other in every way possible.

You looks at Ignazio thoughtfully before says, "I'll never get tired of telling you how perfect you truly are." Ignazio smiles, showing off his dimples. "Aw, thank you for thinking so, amore mio. I love you." "I love you too. You make me so happy." For the first time in a long time, you notice Ignazio blush slightly. He takes your hand and kisses it. A smile spreads across his face, and then se suggests, "How about we watch Glee?" You raise an eyebrow at him. Ignazio watching Glee? You've always been a fan of the show, but you didn't know Ignazio likes it too. "Sure thing!" He jumps up excitedly, appearing almost childlike for a few moments.

Ignazio sits down on the couch across for the TV. You quickly sprint to your room and grab a small then run back to Ignazio. You snuggle up to him, and he wraps his arms around you. Since you're constantly cold, Ignazio notices your slightly shivering. He embraces you a but firmly without looking and gentleness. Ignazio's love for you is reflected in to many ways, and small gestures like that could make your day a million times better.

While Ignazio searched for Glee on Netflix, you study his facial features. You gape at his external perfection. His thick Italian eyebrows, the slight droopiness to his eye shape, the beautiful light shade of brown his eyes have, his fairly love eyelashes, the pink tint to his lips, the bit of scruff on his chin.. every single thing is absolutely perfectto. It seems almost impossible for someone to be so angelic. 

Realizing that you're gazing at him, Ignazio covers his face with one hand and laughs, "I think I should start charging you for every five seconds that you look at me. I would make more money than any artist!" You stick your tongue out at him before tightly hugging him. After a few moments of silence, Ignazio suddenly inquires, "What are we going to do about Gianluca? Dammit, I have to see him almost everyday to finish the album." "Let's not discuss that right now.. Let's just enjoy being together right now. We can talk about that tomorrow." Ignazio frowns for a second, but the frown vanishes as fast at it appeared. He smiles at you and before saying, "You're right. Lets watch Glee together." You let out a giggle. "Oh, yeah, since when have you like Glee?" Ignazio grins and claims, "Pfft, I've been a fan since season one!" "Oh my gosh, really?" "Yeah! I probably seems weird, huh?" You shake your head and say, "Not at all! I'm glad you like it too!" You two smile at each other before allowing a comfortable silence to fall into place, yet another reason why you savored every single moment with Ignazio. Even if you two didn't say anything, you still feel comfortable with each other, and watching Glee together in silence was another one of those moments. Although you to occasionally burst out laughing, you didn't say anything, and that was perfectly okay.

After watching the first two seasons of Glee, your eyelids get heavy. As you drift into sleep, you feel Ignazio caress your cheek while singing softly, and the last thing you hear is, "We are love.."



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