Questo Amore


12. Anger

RECAP- "Ignazio..' He wraps his arms around you, and your eyes get a bit watery. "Can you please tell me what's wrong, Teresa?" "I don't know how to say this, but.. yesterday, when you went to turn on Gianluca's car.. I gave him a goodbye hug the same way I give Piero one.. except he wouldn't let go. He pulled me close to him, but I kept trying to pull away. I swear to you that I tried pulling away,  but he was too strong. I had to threaten him to make him let me go." Ignazio's expression goes from serious to enraged. "He.. did.. what?!"




It's the first time you've seen such anger in Ignazio's eyes. "Please, Ignazio, calm down." He shakes his head furiously. "Did he hurt you? Are you bruised anywhere?" "No! I mean, he held me really tightly but not enough to leave a mark. Ignazio, I just wanted to tell you it myself so you wouldn't hear it from anyone else.. but please, leave things how they are. I didn't want you to get mad or anything. You and Gianluca are friends, and I just don't want to be the one to ruin that." His eyes give a glimpse of sympathy. "Hey, it's not your fault. Don't think that for a second!." He pulls away sooner than you'd like. " I'd love to stay here with you, but I think that Gianluca and I need to talk."  The bit of softness he has in his voice before had completely vanished. He gives you a quick kiss and starts for the door. You can't let him get to Gianluca. Sure, Gianluca had beed a total jerk, but he's still Ignazio's friend. You run after Ignazio and say, "Please, don't Ignazio. You'll say something you might regret later." "Let me handle this, okay?" You flinch at the harshness of his voice. He instantly looks at you apologetically and gets in his car. Next think you know, he's gone.

You stand there for a while, regarding whether to just go home and try to forget about everything or go look for Ignazio. You pull your phone out and text Gianluca, "Where are you?" You get an instant reply. "I'm at home by myself. Do you want to come over?" You don't reply to his text, instead, you run to your car and drive off to Gianluca's house. Ignazio is probably almost there, but maybe you can stop him from saying or doing something he'll regret. You pull into Gianluca's driveway, and as expected, Ignazio's car is parked next to Gianluca's. You walk towards the door and get a sudden feeling of deja vu. Just like last year, you hear yelling inside, "Did you really think you'd get away with treating my fiancé like that?" "You're crazy. I didn't do anything to her! She probably just made that up!"

You jaw drops and you storm into the house. "Oh, so now I make that up, huh? Deny it to my face." Gianluca's eyes widen and he stutters, "I-I was just.." You glare at him. Ignazio says through gritted teeth, "I don't want you close to her. Don't ever touch her again." "You can't possibly be serious. It was just a joke. Can't you guys take a joke?" Ignazio looses it. He pushes Gianluca hard, and he tumbles over a chair. Gianluca steadies himself and goes at Ignazio, trying to push him back. Gianluca swings at Ignazio and screams, "She was mine first!" Is he serious? He sure has a great way of pissing you off. Ignazio dodges the blow and Gianluca punches himself in the face. Blood trickles from Gian's lip. This is getting way too far. "Guys, stop!" You get in between them. Gianluca wipes blood from his mouth and gives Ignazio a menacing look. "I think it's time for you two to leave. "You grab Ignazio's hand and look him in the eyes. "Amore, let's leave. Please." Ignazio sets his eyes on Gianluca, contemplating whether or not to punch him once more. He finally agrees to leave, but first turns to Gianluca. " You won't speak to Teresa again. You won't call her or arrive at her house. Do you hear me? Because next time she won't be here to stop me from beating the shit out of you." Gianluca points to the door.

You pull on Ignazio lightly, and he reluctantly follows. He walks you to your car and gazes into your eyes. You're about to tell him how much you're sorry, but he pulls you into a firm passionate kiss. You let your lips flow in sync with his. You two were made for each other, every movement is evidence of how perfect everything is when you're together. You pull back from the kiss and look in Ignazio's eyes and caress his cheek. He smiles at you romantically. It's moments like these that make you forget about the world, but out of the corner of you eye, you catch a glimpse of Gianluca looking out of the window, watching you and Ignazio.

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