Questo Amore


16. A New Friend

RECAP- "I'm just reading a book and drinking some coffee. Hey, two more weeks until.." Ignazio interrupts you excitedly, "Until I'm married to the more loveliest woman on this earth. I've been counting down the days." A smile spreads across your face. It makes you so happy to know that he's just as excited about the wedding as you are.


You were about to say something when you hear Piero in the background, "That girl waiting for us outside our tour bus was hot, am I right?" "Hell yes! Sorry, Piero, but I think i'm going to pay some attention to her at the concert. Gotta get some digits!" Gianluca's voice sounds playful, but his voice always seems to startle you. Ignazio then says, "Guys, shut up, I'm talking on the phone. Sorry about that Teresa. I Have to go now, I'll call you after the concert. Ti amo!" "I love you too! Best of luck to you and the boys. Ciao!" You end the call and sit there thinking about the boys. Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca have come so far with their music. You feel a great sense of pride when thinking about Il Volo. Who would have thought that your three best friends would become to famous? It seems like it was just yesterday when you were all kids playing soccer in Gianluca's backyard.

After sitting on the couch for a while, you decide to visit Valentina at her bridal shop. You and her became friends instantly, but you still really didn't have much time to get to know each other since you two are so busy. You grab your car keys and drive off. Before heading to the shop, you stop at a nearby cafè to buy two caramel macchiatos and some sfogliatelli. When you enter the shop, you're once again amazed by the elegance. You see Valentina reading a magazine, "Knock, knock! I brought goodies!" She glances up and beams at you. "Teresa! What a pleasant surprise!" She quickly walks over to you and gives you a hug. "How have you been?And is that sfogliatelli that I smell?" You grin and say, "I've been somewhat anxious, you know 'cause of the wedding, and yes! I bought you a caramel macchiato too!" "Didn't the planning just fly by? Oh, and thank you so much! Come, sit down." You two sit down by a pretty coffee table near the fitting rooms. You hand the pastry and the macchiato to Valentina and reply, "Girl, It's been crazy! It really did go by fast, just two weeks to go." "I'm so happy for you! I don't think you've told me who your fiancé is though." Fiancé. The word lingers in your head. Oh! You're right. I'm getting married to Ignazio Boschetto." "Yeah, and I'm getting married to Piero Barone!" She giggles, obviously thinking you're kidding. "I'm serious! Look, I have pictures with him," You pull out your phone and show her the pictures of Ignazio and you kissing. Her jaw drops; "Oh my gosh, how?" We've been friend since we were kids. Gianluca and Piero too." Valentina's face fills with astonishment. "That is seriously so amazing! You do realize that so many girls would kill to be you!" You half smile and say "It's so unreal, to be honest. The boys are great, they really are." "You should defiantly tell Piero or Gianluca that you have a single friend!" She winks at you jokingly. "Why not! I'll be sure to mention it"

You and Valentina continue talking for about an hour when you get a call from Piero. "Hello?" "Teresa, you need to fly over here immediately!" His tone of voice makes your stomach twist and churn. "What happened you him?" "Ignazio got shot."



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