Charlotte is an average teenager, she loves ballet and lives a normal life with her brother and father but she knows something strange is going on in her tiny town in England. But she's not quite sure what. Then it happens. She hears the whispers, the whispers from the past, the whispers she's too scared to tell anybody about. The ghost whispers.


2. My dad


You know that thing, sibling rivalry? Me and Noah don’t seem to have it. I mean sure, we have our arguments but we never compete against each other like some siblings do. I don’t know whether our five year age gap has something to do with it but I guess you can say we’re close, kind of like close friends.


I wandered down the stairs the next morning still dressed in my pyjamas. Yawning I pushed open the kitchen door to find my dad sitting at the table doing a crossword puzzle or something, “Hey,” I said sleepily.

“Hi,” my dad said still looking down at the crossword in front of him. I just stayed staring at him, “Oh yeah, pancakes are on the counter,” I left him for a moment to grab a pancake and a fork. When I sat down again he looked up at me, gave what looked like either a frown or a smile and looked back down to his crossword. I ate the pancakes silently and then spoke breaking the ice beneath us, “So are you busy with work?” I asked picking up one of the last pieces of pancake.

“A little,” was all he had to say. I sighed and shoved the last few pieces in my mouth. This was every morning for me, my own father not wanting to speak to me. I cleared my plate and went upstairs to change.

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