Slender man's daughter

I haven't ever seen my dad, probably a good thing, if you see him you will die an unexplained death. It would be comfort to think if he ever saw me, he would know who I am, but in reality, I don't think he would care. Though I need to find out, so I will need to find him.


5. 5

I stood at the edge of the forest, a chill ran up my spine. For all I know, my dad was looking right at me, probably not realising he was looking at his own daughter, his own blood related family.That made me feel a mixture of alone and upset. I also think I was scared, knowing that I might be killed by my own dad.

"Lets go." I whispered to myself, and started running into the stereotypical creepy forest.

It took a few minutes before I reached the thick trees and by then my heart was racing and my hands were shaking uncontrollably. I tried to tell myself that I shouldn't be scared of my own dad, but them again, he wasn't your average father.

"Dad!"Then I realised he probably wouldn't respond to that.

"Slender man!Your daughters come to say hello!"I yell as loud as I can,a wild grin on my face. Mad with adrenaline? Probably.

"Slender!Its me!Kaylyn!Remember me?"Am I talking to the trees?Or is he listening?

I get my wanted answer soon enough. I feel a presence behind me. I jump around, my grin still on my face, I don't want my dad knowing i'm scared. And there he is, 30 meters away, hes facing me.

I almost swear I hear the wind whisper "Hello" through the trees.

His skin is pasty white, just like mine, and he was wearing a posh looking suit. Suddenly he teleports several meters forward. My head is starting to feel light and fluffy, surprisingly I don't feel scared anymore.

Then he teleports again and hes right in front of me, were centimeters apart. His head is bowed, and if he had eyes it looks like he would be looking straight into mine. My head is no longer light headed, probably because my mind knows i'm about to die. Though interestingly we've been in this staring position for about 2 minutes. 

At first I think hes going to get his 4 feet arms and hug me in a cold embrace, but he simply disappears and I know that i'm never going to see him again.



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