The Manor

A group of seniors deside to go to a abandoned Home in the woods, bad mistake.


2. chapter 2

Kari had spotted Kamri walking away, and stomped on joshes foot. "That'll teach ya' to mess with me next time!" she yelled to kamri as she jogged to her "wait up!" 

Kamri waited for her to catch her breath, her short pale brown hair clung to her face as she smiled " Im waiting."

Kari puffed and smiled " I don't need to go home- so im gonna follow you, seems like i do everyday anyways. wanna goto the mall before we head to that old house?" 

Kamri nodded eagerly  "i want to stop at home first- so i can grab my bag and change." Kamri was always so happy, even though she got picked on because she was so wimpy

kari nodded. Kamri and her had been friends for a long time- even their mothers were friends. Kamri was like a sister to her in ways- they knew everything about each other. Kari suddenly was reminded of something. "hey, you remember Liam? cynthias bro thats in colldge in maine or something? I think cynthia said he was comin home today or somethin in trig." 

kamri looked like she was thinking "oh yeah, him. I dont think i saw him very much but i know him." kamri was focusing on not stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk. 

Kari continued speaking her mind "i wonder how he turned out- i bet hes some scrawny short kid!" she remembered how she was taller than him when she was in third grade (FYI liam is about 4 or 3 years older than all of them, so he was a fith grader shorter than a 3third grader XD) 

Kamri shrugged "i geuss we'll find out."

Kari was just stricken with a thought "do we have to stay with shina and all the other squirts?" she asked 

Kamri shook her head "shinas perfectly qualified to handle them- plus i think mom trust her more than me." she laughed

"thats messed up, your way older than her." kari sighed, her mom really did go crazy after her husband left her

"Oh no no no no! shinas more mature than me- i mean.. you've seen my bed.. its covered in stuffys!" kamri smiled, she loved her family very much- anyone could tell that


Kari shrugged "but still-" Kari blinked, kamri was only giving that akward smile like she wanted to drop the subject

The two finally came up to Kamri's house, and walked up the small steps. Kamri fumbled the key then searched the ground for it. she stood up with the key smiling. 

kari reached forward and grabbed the handle- turning it open. "she never locks it, and you know it.."

Kamri sighed "i hoped she would remember today.." the two entered causaly 

Two young boy almost identical, greeted them


"HI Sissy!" 

Kamri smiled at them and ran down stairs to her little corner, next to the washer and dryer, where her living quarters were. she rumaged under her bed for the flashlight she found two weeks earlier. she grabbed it and stuck it in a nearby bag, along with a few other things she would need. Then headed to her dresser to change.

Kari looked around, finding shina with the baby. "Yo' what are you doing?" she hovered over the girl, who looked very similar to kamri except with brighter eyes.

She looked up "he only sleeps when i hold him," she smiled " what are you doing here?"

"ohh you know just stealing all your furniture." kari smiled

"Oh ok, so wheres my sister?" she asked gently laying the baby in the cirb- in the tiny living room.

"she went to grab some stuff- im stealing her tonight to take her to one of those hard core parties. whatcha think?" she asked the 13 year old

"Be back by twelve." the little girl giggled and walked into the kitchen 

"your no fun when you dont freak out.. stop acting like a grown up." kari followed

Kamri finally came up with her bag, and a different sweater on. "Ready!" 

kari turned and nodded, "ok" 

Suddenly the two childern grabbed onto her legs- wearing blanket caps and too many layers of pjs.

"We wanna come too!"

"were prepared for outside!"

Kari Shook her head "i dont think so.. unless you can beat.. THE TICKLE MONSTER" kari tickled them and they ran off "that s what i thought."

kari and kamri waved goodbye exiting the house.

"so..what do you wanna do till we have to meet up with everyone..?" kamri asked 

"we can goto the mall? hows that sound" kari asked 

"sounds great!" kamri smiled

the two set out to the mall.

(i swear there will be more interesting things next chapter..)

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