We Were Perfect

we were perfect. our relationship. our love...
Don't call anymore. I won't pick up.
This is it. I don't wanna hurt anymore.
And you can tell me that you're sorry again
But I'm not gonna believe you. You were never sorry.


1. ch. 1

-Ashley's POV- 

I woke up and rubbed my eyes tiredly and rolled over to see my boyfriend Harry. Harry moved into my apartment a couple of months ago. I loved waking up everyday to see Harry there next to me, I felt safe when I was with Harry. We have been dating for 9 months and have a perfect relationship, we both loved each other a lot. Harry wasn't only my boyfriend he was my best friend. I was laying there smiling at how cute Harry was when he was sleeping I was in such a trance I didn't notice he woke up.

-Harry's POV- 

I woke up seeing beautiful blue eyes starring at me. Ashley is truly beautiful I'm not just saying that because she's my girlfriend. Ashley isn't perfect but she's beautiful. She has long light brown hair, big blue eyes and the cutest smile. 

"Goodmorning Sweetheart" I said before kissing Ashley 

"Morningg!" she said giggling 

"What would you like to do today love?" I asked 

"How about we go to the Mill Creek?.." Mill Creek was one of Ashley's favorite places its a huge park with lots of flower gardens and ponds and a huge waterfall.

"Whatever you want to do." I said flashing a smile

"Okay I'm gonna get dressed you probably should change too.." Ashley said giggling 

"You don't think I should go out shirtless in my sweatpants?" 


"I was joking" I shouted as Ashley left the room laughing

-Ashley's POV-

I went to go get ready I brushed my teeth and washed my face then went to my closet to get some clothes to wear. I picked out a plain gray v neck long sleeve t-shirt and cute jean shorts, to dress it up a little I added jewelry. I made my hair lightly wavy and added a little makeup. I get Harry and we're both ready to go. Harry drives about 30 minutes till we get to Mill Creek. 

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