The Diary Of A Little Wolf.

I don't own any defiance themes, characters or ideas!

You have all seen Irisa on defiance... You have heard her talk on Defiance... You have seen what she can do on Defiance... You haven't seen her inner thoughts on Defiance... Irisa can only hide her inner thoughts in that diary, But what happens when Nolan reads her diary? Read to find out....


2. About To Read.

Nolan was shocked when he saw that it wasn't written in Irathient, But was written in English. He then remembered that her parents hadn't been the best of people and she probably wanted to ensure the diaries secrets safety by not writing in Irathient. He knew that she had been born on one of the Votan ships and had been orphaned in the war, That she never really needed to speak Irathient as she has been around humans her whole life, So English was probably easier for her, No matter how poorly written. Nolan decided to start right from the beginning of the diary but at the same time would respect her daughter for keeping a log of the events that had lead up to the day Nolan rescued her and beyond that. Nolan was quite excited to find out more about his daughter and hopefully have the blanks filled in for him. With all of this in mind, Nolan started to read the diary of his red headed daughters life....

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