White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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3. Last lesson of the day..Science.


Chapter 3

Maisie's pov;

I was sitting in my last lesson of the day, Science with Mr Mead. I was staring at the periodic table in front of me, but my mind was still set on this morning. The look in Louis eyes, the way they changed colour by darkening. "you promised him" I heard a voice in my head and jumped it wasn't Harry's. I looked around the class I new Harry wasn't in this one, but I saw Niall sitting at the back. He met my gaze and then looked back down at his book.

"problem Miss Roland?" Mr Mead asked moving over to my desk. I stared at him thinking. "Um i'm not feeling to well sir, may i be excused to go to the nurses office?" I lied. His face softened and he gave me a soft smile. "of course get some fresh air to and come back when you're ready" He told me before walking back to his own desk. I thanked him as I stood up and made my way to the door.

"what are you up to.How can I protect you If your not here?" I heard Niall ask in my mind as I shrugged and left the room making my way out down the corridor towards one of the exits. "Where are you of to in a hurry?" A loud voice shouted down the corridor. When I turned Louis was leaning against the wall. He smiled at me as I turned my face up in disgust. "Why aren't you in class?" I asked him as he stood up and walked towards me.

"That doesn't matter does it..has nothing to do with you" He sneered looking me directly in the eyes before laughing.  "Likewise" I spat as he stopped smiling his face went blank. If only i could tell what he was thinking the way they could tell what I was. I thought to myself.

"What!?" Louis shouted stepping away from me. I looked around and then back at him. "I didn't say anything" I told him. He gave me a puzzled look. "Don't tell anyone anything you understand" He warned before running down the corridor and no longer in sight. I shrugged of his weird behavior and made my way out to the back of the building by the trees. I needed to sit down and think over what I was going to do to find my answers.


Louis Pov;

I couldn't understand how my brothers had been so stupid. By talking to her through her mind she knows more about us, it won't take her long to see what we are..who we are. I new what classes they all had and went to the window of each one making sure not to be seen by teachers. They all made excuses and met me on the playing field behind the workshop.

"Whats going on?" Liam asked as I stared at Harry. "Harry and Niall might ass well have let slip our secret that's whats wrong" I shouted as Zayn jumped down of the building and walked over to Harry. "What how and why?" He asked worried. "I haven't a clue what you're on about Lou" Harry told me looking at the time. "you and Niall have been talking to that girl via her mind. Are you completely stupid after everything that happened in our last town" Louis blurted out pacing the field.

"guys the head teachers coming this way" Niall added quickly before running of at high speed. The others followed leaving me and Harry. "It's fine okay, I'll sort it" Harry told me as I shook my head at him. "No i will tonight, I'll wipe her mind that way you won't feel the bad one" Louis added before running off to as the teacher rounded the corner. She looked my way but I'd ran and new she wouldn't have been quick enough to see me.


Maisie's pov;

I heard footsteps bringing me out of my daze. I was staring intently into the trees Imagining being a bird, free and gliding through the cold air. "hard day dear?" I looked up seeing the head teacher Mrs Port standing at the side of the building. I sighed and looked away from her. "Just getting some air, didn't feel to good" I told her as she sat herself down beside me and followed my gaze.

"something's wrong..is it a boy?" She asked as I laughed and tucked my legs up resting my chin on them. "yeah..3 of them but not what you're thinking" I told her as she smiled sweetly at me but didn't ask anymore questions about it. "How's the first day back going?" She asked me as I shrugged and thought of how the day actually was. "Interesting actually" I told her as she stood up.

"Well I hope that's the lessons you're on about" She laughed and checked the time. "Well you have ten minutes left of class, I'm sure Mr mead will want to see you before you leave, he was very worried about you" She added before tossing her hair and walking of towards the main building. 

I sighed standing up and brushing of the grass from my skirt. Mr mead and Mrs Port were close friends with my mum, so they naturally worried about me as they watched me grow up. Although only Hannah and Mel know that as I wouldn't want people thinking that they have favoritism, because they know me so well. The bell went as I made my way to Mr Mead's classroom , I knocked and he waved me in, dismissing the last of the class.

"Ah Miss Roland, feeling any better?" He asked eyeing me carefully. I nodded and tried to smile at him. He watched the last person to leave the room and got up closing the door. When he returned he signaled for me to take a seat. "Maisie, I can tell that there is something going on, you don't have to tell me but i'm here to talk if you need me" He told me as I sat down on the desk closest to me. 

"can i ask you a few questions?" I asked him. Maybe he could tell me something, I mean he is a science teacher after all. His face lit up and he smiled relaxing back in his chair. "go ahead my dear" He joked in a posh voice. I laughed and though of how to put my first question into action. "Do you believe in magic?" I asked him. He frowned at me and then shook his head. "not really..magic is just people's way of conning people, however some people call science magic, because of the way things happen, and reactions seem magic" He told me.

Well that question got me nowhere...lets try another one.

"Is something or someone had powers, like mind reading or talking to you through your mind. What would you think they or this thing was?" I asked him as he screwed up his face in confusion. "uhm a superhero?" He suggested jokingly as I stood up and laughed it off. He just thought I was joking around so I decided to give up. Maybe library books will help me.

Hannah turned up at the door she waved hello to Mr Mead blushing as he said hello to her. I rolled my eyes at my friend . "thank you Sir. See you tomorrow" I told him as he waved goodbye and started marking work. I pushed my friend away from the room and down the corridor.

"your so lucky your mums friends with him" She muttered dazing out. I snapped my fingers in her face. "please will you cut it out! Stop fantasizing about him it's gross" I told her bringing her out of her trance. "Fine can we just get in Brad's car and go home?" She asked pulling me to the car park. I saw no reason in why we needed a lift round the corner but thanked Brad anyway.


When I put the key in the door I was surprised to see my mum home and dressed up. "Whats going on?" I asked her hanging up my coat as Hannah did the same. I put my keys down and my mum padded me an envelope. "how was school darlings?" She asked me and Hannah. Hannah walked of to the kitchen replying to my mother as I skimmed over the card..It was an Invitation;

To The Roland Family,

We would like to invite you to our new home to celebrate us moving into the town. We would appreciate you coming so that we can get to know our lovely neighbors. We do hope you can come.

Lots of Love

The Styles Family. x


I cringed hoping my mum wasn't going and read over their name again. I wonder what their mums like.  I put down the envelope and invite and ran into the kitchen. "Mum you can't possibly be thinking of going?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes at me and put cookies on a plate "why not darling? there new we need to welcome the. I want you both to go get ready" She urged us. Hannah jumped up and got excited.

"could I borrow your purple dress?" She pleaded with me as I just nodded at her. "i'm not going though, I'll stay here". I tell them walking into the front room. "Don't you want to see Harry again? "Hannah Whined standing in the door way to the front room. I laughed and turned the telly up "please come with me may, It wouldn't be the same without you, that red dress would look great at their house" She begged raising her eyebrows I sighed and turned the telly of.

"I'm never going to get any peace If i don't am I?" i asked as she thought for a second then shook her head. I laughed and threw the cushion at her. "ouch there was no need for that" She wined again as I laughed and ran upstairs.

"There was every need" I yelled back pulling out my red dress for me and the purple one for Hannah.


Authors note;

I thought I should get a new chapter up for you guys. I can't believe 3 people have faved the story so far. Thank you so much it means a lot to me!! Love you guys for the support and the reads. I'm still writing chapters and have more on my ipod to copy out and will have another chapter up really soon promise!! :)

Thank you all so much please continue to give Feedback! :)

~Katie *.* x


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