White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

Please leave Feedback I would love to know what you think of it :) x


12. Jay?!..Liam?!

Chapter 12;   Maisie pov;   "so what was the plans for this morning?" Liam asked as Louis drove home and Niall was in the passenger seat. I pulled my seat belt do it wasn't so tight and turned my attention to Liam instead of Niall and Louis who where shooting glares at each other.   "Louis was going to help me train to kill Jay..but I guess I don't need much training now I have killed one" I told him hoping that was all to it.   "so your going to take the vampire slaying job on?" Niall asked turning in his seat and fixing me with a confusing stare. "of course..it's what my dad would have wanted, why wouldn't I?" I asked as Liam looked out the window and Niall grunted. "maybe because your sitting in a car with three vampires who consider you a friend, and one of your friends has just been turned " Niall said looking away from me annoys    "well I wouldn't have to kill any of you, my job would be to kill any vampires that attack humans or put this town at risk" I told them sighing and looking to Liam.    "were here..whats Harry doing?"  Louis asked as he pulled up. I glanced out of the window seeing Harry staring into the trees, a figure stood at the side of the tree.    "Rays said Harry was entertaining Jay...I think Jays going to try and kill him?" I shouted thinking through the glint in Rays eye and the words she said.  I grabbed the steak from the back seat and pushed my way out the car. "No May!" Louis called as Liam jumped out the car after me.   I kept running as fast as I could to Harry. "Harry you have to stay away from him!" I called pushing myself in front of Harry. I looked at the guy standing a little in front. He smiled politely at me and leaned against the tree.   "Maisie come here please!" Louis called not coming any closer but putting his hand out. I turned seeing Louis and Niall looking worried Niall ran to my side and Louis followed.   "May he will kill you! Go with inside with Louis" Harry whispered grabbing my arm as I pulled away from him and up to Jay. "I don't care, I've killed Ray I'll kill him before he can kill me" Jay laughed and flicked my hair of my shoulder to show he was in reaching distance and to try and scare me.   Harry gasped but stood watching looking anxious. "feisty defiantly Christopher's" he said standing up straight. "SHUT UP! You don't get to say his name not after what you did" I shouted feeling tears in my eyes and I shoved the steak near his heart but it sat just touching his skin.    My anger built up looking at the man who ended my fathers life, the one who made me grow up with just a mum. His face changed and he looked as if he pitied me. "what?" I asked as he looked over at the boys.   "its cute" he sneered. I stepped back letting him go. "what is?" I questioned as he laughed but then looked back at the boys and shook his head. "can't you see..you send them crazy. You should just walk away your going to end up killing them anyway" he said as I looked over at the boys. Louis and Liam was looking scared still and Harry stood frowning I could tell he was listening to what was said.   "what and leave you to kill Harry? What do you think your going to get from that..it's me you want to kill" I told him as he nodded and smiles at me.  "your right, I just wanted that information to scare you and get you here...it worked. Your not as clever as you think" he muttered as he paced towards me. My heart beat quicker and I felt Harry run and stand in front of me.   "Your not to harm her Jay! I could kill you right now for even having that thought" He hissed at him as Jay stepped back and put his hands in the air.    "fine..have it your way, let the other vampires kill her then. Just know that the other slayers are on there way nephew..so you better pack your bags or become dust" he told him partying Harry on the shoulder and taking my hand.   He bent down and placed a kiss on it. "my apologies, I'm sorry I couldn't be the one to end you nicely..now you will be ripped to shreds by the rest" He told me smirking like Harry does and then running of into the trees.    Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me into his embrace. "your stubbornness is going to get you killed. Why don't you ever do as I say" He whispered as I stayed silent.   "what does he mean the other slayers are coming?" I asked as Harry let me go and looked over to Liam. He called him over and Liam was at my side in sections. "whats going on?" he asked. Harry looked at the time and then at the rest.    "Liam I want you to continue training May..I need you to take her running she needs to be fit to fight the rest and possibly get away from them. Although one of us would always be with her ..it's just in case"  he told Liam.   "b-but Louis said I had to kill Ray and he couldn't?" I asked confused as Harry looked bemused. "no when I became in charge I gave all my family the permission to kill any vampire as long as they where a threat" he told me as i felt anger.   "LOUIS!" I screamed in anger. The two boys in front of me stepped away from me as I breathed in and out a few times. He appeared in the corner of my eye and I ran over to him. "why did you make me kill Ray when you could of!" I shouted hitting his chest. "May" he tried talking but I just kept hitting him with anger. He grabbed my wrists and pushed me away a little so he could looked me in the eye.   "will you just calm down please, I did it for you" he said sounding annoyed as I stopped fighting him and stood staring at him. "how the fuck was that for me?" I spat as he shrugged. "I thought If you thought that only you could kill her it would be easy..I neede to make sure you wouldn't be soft and not kill" he told me as I felt the tears flow out of my eyes.   "hey hey okay..come on where going running" Liam whispered suddenly by my side and putting his arm around me. "Maisie" Louis whispered as I shook my head at him and walked away.   Louis pov;   I felt weak and broken to know that she didn't even want to talk to me, but I new I did it for the best. She wouldn't have killed otherwise, this was the best training for her. I wouldn't have let anything happen to her though, if she failed I would have steamed Ray. I new she wouldn't fail though the slayers blood is in her.   I looked to Harry as he smirked a little but then looked down at the floor and kicked a stone. " what do we do now?" I asked him praying that he would have a plan or at least am answer. He shrugged and walked over to me. Taking a few breathes and thinking.   "first we go inside and train Annie out here, mothers lending her ring to Annie so she can come out here..we will need a witch to put some magic on another ring though" he told me as I followed him into the house. I laughed and stopped.  "just one problem..we don't know a witch" I told him as he shook his head at me and bit his lip.   "we do..quite well we know her...but it's going to take time...she needs to learn her powers and how to use them" He told me going into the living room and coming back out seconds later with Annie.  I watched as she stepped outside her blonde hair shined in the sunlight and she took multiple breathes before running around. Harry ran round after her helping her to control her abilities.   "he should have killed jay for nearly killing Annie you know" My mother said appearing at the side of me and resting her hand on my shoulder. I put my hand on top of hers. "but he is family mother. I fear Harry is to weak...unless Jay did anything to Maisie" I told her as she sighed nodded and then walked away from the doorway where I continued to stand and watch my brother and Annie.   Maisie's pov:   "I don't want to run Liam I just want to go back" I moaned as I stood in a middle of a field. He gave me a sympathetic look which I threw back at him. He began to laugh and was suddenly behind me. I felt his breathe in my neck as he bent down to whisper in my ear. I jumped a little as his hands sat on my waist.   "Run May...before I make you" He whispered letting go of me. I turned around not running anywhere. His eyes where dark and vain's stuck out round them. My hand reached out and I placed them on the vain's stroking  them. My breathe caught a little I didn't even know what I was doing.   "I'm not scared of you" I whispered back as he stepped closer and slung one arm round my waist and the other on the side of my head. His eyes changed back and the vain's looked less vivid. He smiled a little at me.  "good and I never want you to be May" he told me. He looked into my eyes for a while and tightened his grip on my waist.   "crap" he cursed letting me go and stepping to the side. "what?" I asked looking around he looked startled and guilty as he shook his head. "nothing..come on we better get running" he said starting to jog a little. I ran after him to try and catch up confused at why he swore for no apparent reason.   "look at them...you make them go crazy" I heard Jays voice ringing in my head as I remembered the conversation. I stopped running and in my mind looked back at what was going on....did I make Liam feel something? Was he going crazy for me?   I thought I'd test it out as he ran back to me. "what's wrong?" he asked worried. "nothing" I replies taking my jumper of that I'd changed into before running to reveal by tight running belly top.  I looked to Liam as he stood staring at my breasts. "oi eyes up here vamp"  I joked as he opened is mouth in surprise and looked into my eyes. I walked closer to him and stood right in front of him.   "w-what are you doing?" He asked closing his eyes, when he opened them I could see they where getting darker and he was trying to blink it away. I ran my fingers down his cheek. His hands grabbed my waist and tightened pulling me more closer to him so our bodies where touching.   "why are you doing this" he mumbled as i moved my hand up his t-shirt and ran hand up and down his chest. "just tell me and I will stop" I whispered back as he opened his eyes. He smirked and I just stood smiling as he  crashed his lips onto mind pushing me into his body more. The kiss was both full of lust and passion as I kissed back our mouths moving in sync.    We both pulled away after a while and Liam let go of me as he blinked and smiled. "uhm...I don't think we should have done that" He mumbled as I picked up my jumper. "it was just a kiss babe" I told him taking his hand in mine.   "training over for today I think yeah?" I asked winking at him as he nodded. He pulled me into his side and put his arm around me.  "let's not tell anyone about that though right" He asked as I nodded and felt the wind and my eyes closed and the world moving around me, hearing the trees rustle as Liam ran fast through them and home.   As soon as we got outside the house me and Liam sprang apart. The wind attacked me an I shivered zipping up my jacket.  Liam put the key in the door and signalled for me to walk in first.  I did so and thanked him finding everyone in the front room. My mum sat round with a big book.   "what's going on?" I asked as my mum game me a soft apologetic look and the Niall slung his arm round me. "welcome back princess" he said hugging me and then facing back to the others. Harry avoided eye contact and walked over putting the kettle on. He turned around and looked at my mum for a while before looking back at me.   "I- me and Liam we have to go away for a few days" Harry said coldly as I looked around and then sat down. "right" I replied with the same coldness. He frowned and the walked over to me. "it's only for a few days..Louis, Niall and Zayn will protect you while I'm away" he told me looking me up and down. "I don't need looking after thanks I'll be fine. When are you going?" I asked making my self sound like I couldn't care. He looked hurt and stepped back nodding.   "tomorrow evening" my mum said closing the book.  I felt my heart tug a little and couldn't help feel a little lost. I'd let myself become use to having Harry lay beside me the past couple of nights, and when I need him he was always there. Now he was leaving...what if he didn't come back?   I forced myself to stop thinking for a little while. "fine..may I be excused now or is there more?" I asked no one in particular looking around everyone looked to the floor.   "you may go" my mum whispered giving me a knowing look, which unsettled me what did she know? I dont even know why I'm feeling like this.   I pushed my seat away quickly and marched out the back door hearing it slam behind me. I made my way to the end of the garden and leaned on the shed sliding down and sitting on the concrete. I noticed how it was beginning to get dark and looked at the time it was 8:32 already, time had flown today.   "Hey" I jumped hearing a soft voice and someone sit down beside me. I felt some tears escape and leant my head on the girl beside me and she wrapped her arms around me.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Authors note; Hope you like I have one more chapter on my ipod but i don't know if its completely finished so i'll check and finish it tonight and get it up tomorrow along with a newly writen one :) Thank you all for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the chapters. Please like and Fav and leave a comment to let me know if you like it ,...or not? ~Kat x
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