White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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13. Do you have to?

Chapter 13;   "I'm sorry" I sobbed as Annie stroked my hair and I felt and heard her softly chuckle. "no need to be sorry hunny..Anne and Harry say I can go home tomorrow and that I have everything under control" she told me I new she wanted to take my mind of it but she sounded unsure. "you don't think your ready?" I asked sitting up and rubbing my eyes.    "it's not that..it's just I've got use to being here...I'm going to miss the boys and..I love my family but now I feel like I have another" she mumbled as I took her hand in mine.    "I don't want Harry to go..what if he doesn't come back?..I'm so use to him being here whenever I need him and being beside me. Then I start to feel selfish..he ain't mine he is his own person and free to do what he wants" I tell her as she sat shocked looking at me but then smiled.   "I know...we all do..he feels the same as well but he has to leave to see the council members who he is in charge of. He will come back, May you mean a lot to him, I mean if he changed me for you then why in earth would he not return to you?" she asked looking out the corner of her eyes she sighed and stood up.   "anyway I'm of to bed..you two have a good night" she whispered winking before walking away. I looked around me puzzled. Standing up quickly I turned my back to the trees before I felt two hands cover my eyes and a body pressed against my back.   "guess who" his husky voice told me exactly who as I laughed and felt more happier. "oh..are you that really hot superstar..what's his name?" I asked stamping my foot as he laughed an turned me around. Wrapping his arms around my waist. "Nar I'm a lot better...and you know it" he replied with a smirk as I wrapped my arms round his neck.    "how much of the conversation did you hear?" I asked biting my lip as he shrugged and pulled a silly face. "enough" he was all he replied before he let go of me and pulled my hands away from his neck. I sighed and felt the need to put them back..or grab hold of his hand just so I know he was there.   As if he sensed what I felt he took hold of my hand and squeezed mine. " it's getting late..will you come with me somewhere?"  he asked putting his coat round me and then stroking my hair.  "of course" I told him stepping closer and putting my arm round his waist.  "we will walk this one...it's not far but don't let me go" he mumbled putting his arm round my shoulder and keeping me close.   We walked through the woods and into the field behind it. I noticed a blanket laying out and he pulled me over to it as we both sat down.   "do you have to go Harry?" I asked laying down and looking up at the sky. He laid down beside me on his side. "unfortunately yes..but if you need me tell Louis, and I'll come back so fast it would feel like I never left" he told me staring at my hand that rested on my belly. "why can't I come with you?" I asked again feeling like a child. He smiled and then looked up at the sky.    "you will be busy here..you need to work with your mum and mine, and deal with the slayers when they get here" he told me changing so he laid on his back and stared at the sky better.   His hand reached for mine and I felt myself cry little. He turned his head and frowned pulling me so I was laying with his arm under my neck and he wiped my tears but didn't say anything. "I don't want you to go" I whispered as he breathed heavily and held my hand tighter.   "I don't want to go may ..I just have to. But whenever you miss me just look up at the moon at night and I will to...then we will be together, looking at the same moon and thinking of each other" he whispered back. I watched as he closed his eyes and sighed.    Staring up at the sky I saw how it had got darker and you could see the stars. "it's beautiful" I gasped as Harry just nodded and opened his eyes. I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. Feeling the cold air blowing but it wasn't too cold.    Right now felt perfect, everything seemed right, yet tomorrow will be another hard day. Back to school and then dealing with slayers. Life wasn't as simple as everyone expects but I don't wish to swap my life with anyone.   Because..I was laying here with Harry. I new my feelings where wrong and I hoped they wouldn't get worse and would fade. He was my protector, nothing more. Weren't I his enemy anyway? The one to kill him and rid the town of them?    I began to think if I could...could I really do what I did to Ray to Harry..his eyes looking into mine so lovingly or with so much admiration? Could I just as easy end him than have feelings to never be with out him.   I shivered and Harry pulled his coat round me more and made me smile. I couldn't hurt him and I wouldn't let anyone else either..he was like my family now. Family look after their own.   I woke to Harry softly shaking me. I sat up as he did to. "sorry love but we need to get back, we need to get ready for school and then I have to leave at lunch with Liam". He told me as I rubbed my eyes and then wrapped my arms round him.   "please please please don't leave me" I begged acting a child as he laughed and grabbed my arms. He kissed my head and then peeled my arms from his body and pulled me up.   "want a piggy back home" he asked as I smiled at the word "home" it did seem like my home now. I nodded and climbed onto his back wrapping my arms round his neck and rested my chin on his shoulder.   "home horsy" I joked as he laughed to and ran full speed home. I kept my eyes open and watched all the trees rushing past us and the wind blowing my hair back.   As we got to the back door and I opened it steeping in, everyone sat around in The kitchen eating. Louis shot me a smile and got another two cups out and Liam looked over at me and then frowned as Harry rested his hand on my shoulder.   "morning all" I mumbled grabbing my phone and seeing a text from Hannah.  "hey, fancy doing a sleep over tonight? Haven't seen you for a while?"  xx   I sent back a reply that u was staying at Harry's with my mum. "Anne, would it be okay if a mate could sleep round tonight?" I asked politely as she gave me a soft smile and nodded. "of course sweetheart".  She replied passing me a plate with some toast on and Louis passed me a cup of tea.   "thank you" I mumbled to them both and going over I sit opposite Niall and next to Annie. "We should get going" Liam told Harry patting his shoulder and giving him mum a hug. "But its early?" I asked.  Harry smiled at me. "Don't worry I'll see you at school, I'll say goodbye before I leave at lunch" He tells me walking with Liam out the door. "So first day out in the world as a Vampire" I said turning to Annie as she gave a nervous giggle.   "Yeah..well I have you and Hannah, It might me difficult but i'm ready to give it my best shot" She replied biting into her toast. "Hannah's here I'll go let her in" Louis announced running to the door.   "Are you guys ready to leave?" Hannah asked happily. Louis stood next to her staring at her. I got up and walked over to him snapping my fingers in his face. "Hey" I warned him as Hannah laughed flipped her hair and walked out.   "get a move on people..we will be late" she called through. Niall grabbed his bag and followed after her, Zayn followed and I waited for Annie before following them out with Louis. "Bye see you later" I called back to my mum and Anne. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Authors note; Sorry if this chapters a bit rubbish it was meant to be just a filling chapter, I got to write more so hopefully another one will be up later or tomorrow but Im going to help my brother move into his new house soon. Thanks for reading, please leave feedback n like and fav! ~Kat x
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