Hi my name is Nicki Christina Jordan and I have an addiction problem.....No i don't do drugs there's no need around him.He touch sendS a rush through my veins. His kiss takes me on a high no drug can.Without him i feel lost.I will do or say anything for him.He is my drug,my love,my life.His name JUSTIN DREW BIEBER



I was dressed and waiting for Justin.I'd gotten a text from him saying to not get to fancy.So grabbed my super man shirt and some gray leggings with black van ans glasses.To top it of i threw on my super man snapback and added a little make yp.Now im just waiting in my bathroom.DING DONG !!"

I ran down stairs for the door but my dad beat me to the punch"Hello...oh hey Justin when did you get back."My Dad ask."Umm today sir."He says nicely.I couldn't see him but I knew he we unconfortable "Well what do you need?"

"I came here to pick up Nicki..Im taking her out tonight."I stepped from behind the door to let him know I was ready.I started to walk out the door when my dad calls my name"Nicki where do you think you're going."Wow he's never asked me that before

"Umm out."I said matter of factly

"You didn't tell me or your mother about this because...."

"I've never had to."I said in a duh voice

He rolled his eyes and closed the door.Justin and I walked to his car.He open the door for me"Thank you my king.""You are very welcome my queen."I laughed at him playing along.When he got in we drove to the movies downtown.He put on shades and handed my some"It's night time."

"I know that genius,its in case the paps take pictures and shit."

"Awwwwwww."I say understanding his need for sunglasses at night.We parked across the street from the entrance.He got out and opened my door."What do you wanna see."

"Something scary."I say in a deep man voice and Justin smile.Wow i've missed thoses brown eyes.STOP.Nicki this is your bestfriend."Well the conjuring starts in 7 minutes."

"Ight leggo."We buy out tickets and walk to but popcorn.There is a long line so I turn my attention to my phone I hop on twitter to see a bunch of tweets from beliebers 


BeckyBlack:@justinbeiber where ever you are i hope your safe and i think he just need a brake from all this."

 I then went to my E news "TOP STORY The pop singer Justin bebier has gone M.I.A for the past 72 hours.He was spotted at and air port in Canada,and later seen at a high school where he reportedly grab a female student and ran.Leaving many fans to wonder who is this mystery girl."

We are at the front of the line now"Hi my name is Abbie.What can i get you guys today."she said looking down""I would like a 2 larges bucketts of popcorn and 1 XL soda."Justin ordered."Okay and will that be all.""Yup."he says poping the -p"Okay you total is-"she stop as she looks up to see him"Omg-!!"Justin puts his hands over her mouth"Please DON'T scream."She nods her head.he removes his hand.then she just stares at him.Wow akaward.He's a dude not a greek god.Although he looks like one.I notice her turing blue"Breath"I tell her as she takes in a big gulp of air.Justin passes her a 100$ bill and we walk of with our stuff.Then he stops turns around and winks at her.SHE FAINTED!!

We get to our seats and the ads are still playing "Poor little Abbie."I say laughing"

"What is that supposed to mean."He says blankly eyes on the screen

"Okay I know you're used to girls fainting over you by now but its brand new to me."I say He doesn't respond.

We're 45 minutes into the movie and this shit is real scary.I have my knees pulled up to my chest."Why the fuck did you let me watch this shit now imma be up all night!"I whisper yell at him."I didn't make you do a damm thing cry baby."

Haven't you heard im mystery girl now."I say blankly he looks at me "You know."

"What..oh yeah that you went M.I.A just to come see me yea i know that it's cool."I through a popcorn at him it lands in his hair"You really shouldn't have done that,no body AND I MEAN NO ONE MESSES WITH MY HAIR!!!"He shouts and dumps his whole bucket of pop corn and me.Next think I knew where running around the theater having a popcorn war"IMMA GET YOU BEIBER!""

"THATS IF YOU CAN GET ME JORDAN!"he says laughing and running.The lights come on in the room and instanly we freeze.Then everyone  looks at use"OMG IT'S JUSTIN BEIBER."Justin takes my hand and we run out .I can hear the hundreds of fan shouting behind us .Once where outside we run another block and turn into a alley."Gotcha." I say outta breath and through a little popcorn in my hand.He walks toward me making my back hit the brick wall.He's so close I can feels his cool breath on my face.He looks me in my eyes and his eyes turn a bright hazel.He looks down at my lips and back into my eyes.He pushed his body forward.He's gonna kiss me.Oh shit he might do it to.Should I let him.Fuck it I think as his lips touch mine.




now where getting some where this chapter is long i think

hope yall like




it late night guys.

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