Said But Not Heard

Theodora is 15 she's very shy but, full of passion. She see's the world differently then most people, that's because she's deaf. She she's the world in things others don't realize what there. She has developed her own sign language that only her and her best friend Stephanie know. Theodora is an inspiration to Stephanie. When Theodora runs into Niall Horan from One Direction will she shy out? Will she change the way One Direction think? Will she make change one big thing in her life ? this story might just change the way even you think.


1. Theodora

I sat on the couch reading a book. Reading was one of my absolute favorite things to do. Out of the corner of my eye I seen Stephanie sit down next to me.

"What do you want to do " she signed me

We made our own sign langue when we were kids so that's how we communicate.

" we can... go to the park" I signed back

She thought for a minuet. Then, nodded her head yes. I put a piece or paper in my book. We walked outside. I seen a kid climbing a tree in the next door neighbors yard. She seemed happy but when I looked again I realized she was crying I walked over to her and picked her out of the tree. Her face was tear streamed

" tank you I couldn't get down " she cheered

I smiled and ran back to the car I got in and buckled up. Steph drove to one of the local parks. I got out and ran to the swings. I started to swing high. I looked to the girl next to me and she couldn't swing by herself. I jumped off my swing and landed with a thud. owwww that hurt. I stood up and walked to the girl. I pushed her. After awhile she went high. I sat on a bench and watched everyone in the park. Today was such a beautiful day. Steph came running over to me.

" guess what the doctor just called and said there is away you can hear again " she signed

I shook my head no. I don't want to hear again when you can hear you can see. If people looked twice at a little girl walking down the street you would notice the way she walks, the expression on her face, what she's wearing. Being able to see that is a gift. Like earlier I helped that girl. I looked twice.

" listen I know you don't want to hear but maybe it would help you don't to hear music, or my voice again " she signed and tried to reason with me

She doesn't understand. She might be a year older then me but I am smarter. I crossed my arms and shook my head no again.

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