Said But Not Heard

Theodora is 15 she's very shy but, full of passion. She see's the world differently then most people, that's because she's deaf. She she's the world in things others don't realize what there. She has developed her own sign language that only her and her best friend Stephanie know. Theodora is an inspiration to Stephanie. When Theodora runs into Niall Horan from One Direction will she shy out? Will she change the way One Direction think? Will she make change one big thing in her life ? this story might just change the way even you think.


7. thanks :|

Theo's P.O.V


Niall's vocabulary has been improving steadily and me and Steph visit often. What can I say life is great! We all sat in the living room of one directions house. I was sitting on the floor and Steph sat on the couch next to harry. She had a smile on her face that I couldn't read. She and harry were talking a she wasn't translating. I frowned. Thanks, Steph. Now I can't make fun of her. I tried reading lips. Harry said something about tour or was it your. Steph said something and nodded. I picked up a marshmallow out of the bag I was eating and threw it at her.


She looked at me and signed "do you mind?"


I signed back "Sorry that I'm deaf!"


She shook her head and continued talking to Harry. I grabbed a marshmallow and shoved it into my mouth angrily. Stupid Steph she could at least be nice and sign a few words. It's real nice of her. I shoved another marshmallow in my mouth and started to roll around on the ground. I looked at Steph and she gave me a glare. I smirked. Making her angry is too much fun. I threw another marshmallow at her. She looked at me. 

"Can you stop?" she signed angrily.

I shook my head and threw another one. She quickly picked up a pillow off the couch and threw it at me. It hit me in the face. I laughed and smiled. She just shook her head and continued flirting with harry. Stephanie Styles, its got a nice ring to it.... I guess. Theodora Joel Horan sounds even better. I blushed at the thought of it. I moved my fingers across the floor board playing imaginary piano keys. I tried to imagine the sounds of the keys. Is it a soft beat or loud? Is it smooth or is it rough? I shook my head to rid myself of the frustrating thoughts. Its like the question steph always asks, why don't you talk? When you go so long without doing something, you loose the ability to do it. That's why I don't want my hearing back. What's the point when I've gone so long without it. I'm doing just fine the way I am.

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