Said But Not Heard

Theodora is 15 she's very shy but, full of passion. She see's the world differently then most people, that's because she's deaf. She she's the world in things others don't realize what there. She has developed her own sign language that only her and her best friend Stephanie know. Theodora is an inspiration to Stephanie. When Theodora runs into Niall Horan from One Direction will she shy out? Will she change the way One Direction think? Will she make change one big thing in her life ? this story might just change the way even you think.


6. phone call

Stephanie's' POV

Today I have a bunch of things to do I have to go shopping, make important phone calls and etc. My thoughts got interrupted by my phone ringing.

" Hello" I answered

" Oh hi, its Niall um...I was wondering if you guys could come over " he stammered

" im busy" I informed him

" oh well can Theo come " he asked

" um sure I guess "

" bye"

we hung up and I ran upstairs and woke up Theo and told her to get ready. She put on descent clothes and we hoped in the car I drove her there and parked in the drive way.

Theo's POV

 " Don't forget to be nice, use maners ,and have fun " she signed

" Did you forget they cant even understand me " I signed back

I got out and walked up to the door and knocked. Niall answered and pulled me in. He took me to the siting room and he sat across from me. He waved hi to me and I waved back.

" This is getting no where fast " I thought to me

He grabed paper and a pen. he started to write and I watched the swift delicate motions.

" How do you say Niall " he wrote

I smiled and looked up at him to find him smiling at me. I signed an N and he copied, same with the I, A, L, and the other L. I seen him chuckle and repeat the motions. We went over a lot of other words. After, and hour he wrote " how do you say I love you ." I looked up at him and his hope filled eyes. I gave him a questioning look but, I showed him. He practiced a few of the words and we started signing back in forth using a small vocabulary.

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