Said But Not Heard

Theodora is 15 she's very shy but, full of passion. She see's the world differently then most people, that's because she's deaf. She she's the world in things others don't realize what there. She has developed her own sign language that only her and her best friend Stephanie know. Theodora is an inspiration to Stephanie. When Theodora runs into Niall Horan from One Direction will she shy out? Will she change the way One Direction think? Will she make change one big thing in her life ? this story might just change the way even you think.


3. hi?!??!?

Theodora's POV

(at the music shop another day)

I was walking down the store aisle when I came across what I was searching for......... music sheets.

I was looking at it when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw some blonde dude. i've seen this guy before I know I have.  He asked something but I couldn't read his lips to find out what it was. I pointed to my ear then put my hand up meaning I cant hear. I could see the confusion on his face. I grabbed the piece of paper that was in my book and a pen from my purse. I wrote:

sorry sir I cant hear im deaf

he looked at me and then at the paper and read it. He grabbed it from me then wrote:

oh Im sorry um I asked to you know where the guitar music is

 I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the guitar section. He smiled then Steph came running up.

Stephanie's POV

 I've seen Theodora with someone so i ran up to her. When I saw who it was, I almost screamed bloody murder.

" Hi this is Theodora and im Stephanie " i introduced us

" oh hi im Niall " he stated, like it wasn't obvious

 I signed what he said to Theodora and she nodded. We talked for a bit, well not directly to me. He wrote it down.

" I saw you looking at piano sheet music. Do you play?" I wrote down, "yes, but more classical pieces."

Then Stephanie added that I played very well. Why did she have to say that? He might ask me to play now. Just like I suspected, he did and suddenly I felt very overwhelmed. The only people I've ever played for was my sister and parents and now Niall Horan wants me play. I took a deep breathe and sat on the bench. I pretended that I was alone at home, playing for myself. My fingers then took control and played the keys on the piano with no problem. I was doing so well until my finger slipped and I hit the wrong note. I was embarrassed, but I looked up to see Niall's expression. His mouth was open. He seemed to like it!

"Wow Theodora", he said, " That was Amazing!!"

Right then and there my face went from red (from embarrassment) to bright pink (from blushing). Unfortunately we had to start heading home.

" Hey um before you guys go i was wondering if maybe i can have your number? I'd love to talk to you guys again sometime and maybe you can play piano for me again." he questioned

I smiled and wrote down our number and handed it to him. We walked out of the store.

Niall's P.O.V.

Wow! I was speechless! For a girl who's deaf, she plays really good! She has true talent and she's beautiful. It was like an angel took me to heaven.


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