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1. The Fight

"Mom I'm leaving!" I yelled to my mom before I shut the door.   "C'mon Lacey. I can't wait till we get to my house. My parents won't be there so we can do whatever we want." Jake said to me while winking and grabbing my hips close to his.   "Jake, I told you, I'm not going to do anything with you. We've only been dating for a month."   We walk to his car and got in.   The whole ride to his house was quiet; honestly I don't even want to go. When we arrived at his house I got my bag and followed him to his room. I took a shower, changed into shorts and a tank top and went straight to bed.   Jake turned the lights off and got in bed.   "I'm ready Lacey." He said to me while smiling.   "For what?" I asked him.   "You know."   "Jake, I told you, we are not going to do anything. Ever!"    I got out of bed and went into the living room to sleep on the couch and Jake followed me.   "Jake! Go!" I yelled to him hoping he would just drop it and go to bed.   When I laid down on the couch Jake tried to pull off my shirt and I slapped him in the face. Then he hit me. Over and over again.    "Jake leave me alone!" I yelled while he kept hitting me.   I pushed him on the ground and ran to his room to get my bag and I ran out of his house before he could catch me.   After about ten minutes of running I didn't know where I was so I decided to go to the nearest hotel and see if they would let me have a room for the night.   "Umm sir could you possibly let me have a room for the night, for free?"   "Sorry ma'am nothing's free." The man said to me with a snotty look on his face.   I decided to sit on the bench outside hoping he would feel sorry for me and make an offer. But he never lightened up. I sat there in the freezing cold waiting, and thinking what was going to happen to me when all of a sudden a big black car pulled up. I saw two boys get out of it and one of them looked at me and started walking towards me.   "Darling, are you okay out here? It's freezing and you're in shorts."   "It's a long story that you wouldn't want to here."   "I like stories. Go ahead."   "Well long story short I got into a fight with my boyfriend well ex-boyfriend now and I ran away. Now I don't know where I am and I asked the man up front for a room for the night but he said no. Now I'm here." I told the boy.   "Well you can stay in my room for the night."   "Nah it's fine."   "C'mon you need somewhere to sleep."   "Alright."   The boy grabbed my hand and walked me to his room.   "Wait here." He told me while I was standing outside of his hotel room.   "Okay."   He walked into the room and I could hear him whispering but I couldn't make out the words.   "Love, you can come in now."   As I walked in I saw two boys.   "Darling, I didn't catch your name." The boy said to me.   "It's Lacey. And yours?"   "My name is Niall and this is Harry."   "Nice to meet you Lacey." Harry stated.   "You too."   "Well Harry she needed somewhere to sleep so I thought she could stay here for the night." Niall told Harry.   "Sounds good to me." Harry replied.   "Niall and Harry thank you guys for letting me stay here. It means a lot."   "You're welcome Lacey." Niall said to me. "Do want to go to bed?"   "Yes please." I told him.   "Alright well do you have parents that can get you in the morning?"   "Yes my mom. Could I use your phone to call her and tell her where I am?"   "Yes darling you can." Niall handed me his phone.    *Ring Ring Ring*   "Hello?" I heard my mother on the other side of the phone.   "Mom I just wanted to tell you that me and Jake got into a fight and now I'm at a hotel and I was wondering if you could come get me in the morning?"   "Lacey, are you safe?"   "Yes mom I am."   "Alright. At what time?"   I put the speaker of the phone in my shirt so I could talk freely.   "Niall what time do I have to leave?"   "About 6 am." Said Niall.   "About 6 am mom." I told my her.   "Alright. Goodnight honey."   "Goodnight mom."   "She said that would be okay." I told Niall while handing his phone back to him.   "Wait Niall?"   "Yes?"   "There's only two beds and there's three people here."   "Well Harry is sleeping on one bed you are sleeping on the other and I am sleeping on the ground."   "No Niall, I can sleep on the ground."   "Lacey your the guest here."   "I'm not letting you sleep on the ground Niall."   "Well since I'm not gonna sleep on the ground and you're not gonna sleep on the ground do you want to sleep together? I'll stay on my side and you can stay on your side."   "Yeah that seems fair."   Harry was already in bed when me and Niall were just getting in. Niall turned off the lights and came to bed.   "Goodnight Lacey."   "Goodnight Niall."   I turned around to face the wall and turned back around to see if Niall was still awake.   "Niall, I can't sleep."   "Turn around and just lay there."   I turned around and felt Niall playing with my hair.   "Are you sleepy now?"   "Yeah."   I fell asleep fast while Niall was playing with my hair.
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