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7. Almost

"C'mon we're here. We need to go to the interview now!" Harry told me while waking me up.   "What about Lacey?"   "She is going to sit in the audience so you both need to get ready."   I turned to Lacey.   "Lacey wake up. We have to go."   "Can I wear your shirt Niall?" Lacey asked me.   "Which one?"   "You choose."   I handed her my colored shirt that was blue. And she put on a pair of skinny jeans.   "Can you turn on the straightener Niall?" She asked me.   I found her straightener in her bag and plugged it up. After she put on her make up she walked towards me.    "Can I straighten your hair for you?" I asked her.   "Yeah. Sit down."   I sat down on the couch and she sat on my lap. After I finished her hair we all left to go to the interview.   Liam was sitting up front and the rest of us squeezed in three seats. Lacey sat on my lap while the rest of us sat side by side.   When we arrived to the interview Lacey say front row in the audience. After the interview started the woman showed us a picture of me and Lacey.   "Niall who is this." She asked flirtatiously and wink.   "Emm. Her name is Lacey and she's actually in the audience right now." I told her while pointing to Lacey.   "Well come on up here Lacey."   Lacey's POV   I walked up to the couch where the boys sat as Niall was making room for me to sit beside him.   "Aren't you a pretty little thing." She said to me while I sat down beside of Niall. I blushed a tad bit at her remark.   "Thank you." I replied.   "And whats your name sweetie?"   "It's Lacey."   "Well I have a question Lacey, are you and Niall dating?" After she asked that I looked to Niall then back to her.   "No we aren't dating."   "Well let me say you two would be a great couple."    I blushed and looked to the ground.   "Alright well that's the end of the show tune in tomorrow for..." The interviewer ended the show.   Me, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry all headed to the backstage to get everything and leave.   "Lacey, I'm really sorry about that out there." Niall said to me.   "It's fine." I assured him.   I was getting his stuff together because we were getting ready to leave and get back on the road when Niall hugged me from behind. He sat his head on my shoulder and kissed my neck making my spine tingle.    "Um, Niall. We need to go." I said trying to resist him.   "Fine." He said with a pouty face.   After I got his bag we walked out together. The other boys were already waiting for us.   "We are going to stop somewhere for breakfast so don't get too comfortable." Louis said to us while we were getting on the bus.   Me and Niall went straight to his bunk and we watched tv and cuddled.   "Niall, I'm so glad I met you." I said to him while lying on his arm.   He looked at me and smiled.   "Me too." Niall hugged me.   When the buses stopped we all got out and headed to the restaurant.   "We are just going to get food then we'll eat on the bus." Niall said in my ear while all of us were walking in.   "Why?" I asked him.   "Because paparazzi will come."   "True."   Niall's POV   "Lacey, what do you want?"   "Umm. Surprise me." She said.   "I would like two number 5s." I said to the cash register.   "Lacey, call your mom." I handed Lacey my phone.   After I was finish ordering everyone else's food I walked to where Lacey was standing.   "She's not answering. I'll just call her later." Lacey said to me while handing my phone back to me.   "Alright. When we get back to the bus and we're finished eating I'll give you your medicine."   "And then what?" She said to me.   "Later today we have a show, and you will stay backstage."   Lacey shook her head.   "So I have a question to ask you. Why didn't you want me to figure out you have cancer?"   "Because, I don't want people to see me as the girl with cancer. I want people to think of me normal."   "Lacey, I'm sorry." I hugged her.   "Can I go to the bus?" She asked me.   I nodded my head and watched her walk out.    "You two are really close aren't you." Zayn said to me while walking to me.   "Yeah."   "Do you like her?"    "Well, of course I do Zayn. I don't know what I would do without her."   After I brought the food back to Lacey on the bus we ate.   "Thank you Niall." Lacey said to me.   I smiled and resumed eating.   "I'm going to go lie down." Lacey said while getting up and moving to her bunk. "Niall, want to lay down to?" She asked me.   "Hold on." I told her while throwing the trash away.   I walked to her bunk and slip in. Lacey had only her bra and panties on. She turned around where we were facing each other. She put her hand on my cheek and kissed me. I climbed on top of her and she took off my shirt.   "Wait, Lacey. Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked her unknowingly.   "No. Not here. Not now." She said to me.   I laid back down beside of her and kissed her on her shoulder.   "Lacey, I know it's not even been a month yet but I really really like you." I said to her while twirling my finger in her hair.   "Me too." She said to me while smiling.   "I have to make a call real quick. I'll be back." I walked towards the front of the bus and got my phone out and called Lacey's mother.   "Ma'am."   "Oh hi Niall. How's it been going?" She asked me.   "It's been great, but I was wondering if you would give me permission to date your daughter."   "I thought you would never ask."   "So that's a yes?" I asked excitedly.   "Yes."    "Alright. Thank you so much. I have to go bye." I hung up the phone and ran back to Lacey.   "Lacey. Would you like to date me? Like boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked knowing the answer.   She kissed me and said yes. I climb back beside of her and started kissing her.   "Niall, it's really hard to resist you." She said while biting her lip.   "And same for you." I said while slowly kissing her and licking my lips in a playfully way.   "So what are we doing after the show tonight?" Lacey asked me.   "A surprise."   "Niall, just tell me."   "I can't." I said while teasing her.   "Fine." She said.   "Oh Lacey, I forgot to give you your medicine." I ran to get her medicine from her bag.   I brought her a cup of water and her medicine.   "Here." I handed the stuff to her as she took the pills and drank the water to help them down.   "Thank you babe." She said while finishing up.   "Lets rest up. Tonight will be a long night." I said while snuggling up against her.   "Okay." She kissed me and closed her eyes.
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