Broken ~Sequel to Secrets~

Cia's a different person now. Everyone thinks she's dead. Her family, friends, and most importantly the love of her life Niall Horan.
She now does everything to avoid the familiar faces


3. Chapter2





As co-editor of Fabulous Magazine i have to always be there to check the last look of the magazine, participate in the cover shoot and sometimes be the damn interviewer.
It's a lot of hard work, but i love my job. I do miss dancing, but that part of my life is O-V-E-R OVER!
It is just a reminder of my old life, i even changed me number, e-mail, credit card, even ID. I'm no longer Acacia Payne. I've been Carter Anne Blane for the past three years. Only David knows my real name, but he calls me Carter, since he's been calling me Carter for about a year before i told him everything and because i asked him to. 

"Miss Blane One direction is here" i spat out my coffee when Meg, my assistant, said that. She raised her eyebrow then gasped.
"What?" i asked confused, "Your shirt" she said pointing at it, i looked down at my shirt that was soaked in coffee.
"Meg, hun. Could you get me another shirt in the closet?" i asked pointing at the small closet where i kept extra outfits, just in case something like that happened.
"That's my job" she smiled and went t get it.

Meg is my best friend rather than assistant, and it's kind of weird having her being bossed around by me.

After changing into another white blouse i made my way to the conference room, it was mostly  used for meeting celebrities to do covers or interviews along with other people who are being interviewed.

The whole room was perfectly silent, no one was talking, just staring at me like im an animal in desplay in the zoo, i scoffed at the idea and   walked in.
Along with the boys came their manager, Paul.
I never really got along with him, but i never really hated him either.
He was sitting on one side of the long white, dinning looking, table on one of the white chairs, opossite him were the five boys i've been trying to avoid for the past three years.
I sat on a chair next to Paul and broke the silence.
"Im Carter Blane, co-editor of Fabulous Magazine. You've been called out here to discuss the time of your cover photoahoot and interview. I will be participating in the photoshoot to make sure everything goes perfectly but not in the interview." I said, they nodded as Paul handed me a schedule that seemed to belomg to the boys.

"You seem to be free for two days this week, so we could finish both the interview and the shoot in one day or you could pick to have the indivisually. 
"I think we should just get it all over with" said Paul, i silently thanked him for sating that.
"Ok then. Pick a day and i'll arrange everything" i said standing up. Paul nodded at me and stood up.
"How about Tuesday?" he asked, i nodded.
"My people will contact you in two days time" i said, it was Saturday and the had Tuesday and Friday free.

The whole drive home was fucked up all in all.
As you can see my dictionary havent improved at all.

Walking into the house i threw my beige purse on the ground and my tired body on the couch. 
"CARTER YOU THERE?!!!" i heard David yell from the kitchen, "YES" i yelled back.
"HELP!!" he screeched. Groaning i  got off the couch and headed to the kitchen.
"WHAT?" i yelled standing next to him, "NO NEED TO YELL!" he yelled back.
"Jeez! No need to making me go deaf" i groaned, he chuckled.

"I might have burned dinner" he whispered, i groaned.
"I had a long day at work and all i want it a good dinner and a nice bubble bath, is it too much to ask for?" i glared at him.
"Chinese?" he asked picking up the phone off the kitchen island. I nodded and went to our shared bedroom to change. 
Before changing i decided to have my bubble bath, so i walked into the bathroom connected with the bedroom. 
I filled up the bath with water and bubble soap thingy, and stripped out of my work clothes, after throwing them into the laundry basket and sat down in the bath.

My body relaxed instantly. It felt like heaven after a whole week full of depressing work and then seeing my ex-boyfriend, brother and ex-best friends.
Yup. That was depressing, but i let it slip out of my mind as my body relaxed even more.
"Carter, hun!" David knocked on the bathroom door and walked in. 
"Ever heard of personal space?" i glared at him playfully.
"Pu-lease it's not like i've never seen you naked before" he said like it was something you can casually talk about, "Actually you didnt. And seeing me in a bikini doesnt count as naked" i informed, he pouted making me laugh.
"What do you want?" i asked playing with the bubbles on the surface, "Cant i join my lovely girlfriend in a bathtub?" he pouted.
"Nope" i answered, he groaned as i chuckled. he came closer to the bathtub and sat on the floor, then used his best puppy-dog-face.
Too bad it doesnt work on me. Well, it does actually, i just know when to break and when no to, like right now.
"Out" i said, he groaned, stood up and made his way to the door.
"You got 40 minuted before food arrives" was the last thing he said before shutting the door behind him.

After drying myself and applying some body lotions and stuff i walked into the bed room and made my way to the huge walk-in-closet to get some clothes.
"Where's my food bitch?!!!" i yelled running, more like flying down the stairs. "HERE!" David yelled back holding the big bag of Chinese food.

The rest of the night was spent cuddling and watching a bunch of movies.



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