Rock Me

rated +16 because there is innappropriate content. If you are not comfortable with reading it, don't.

(HARRY) He looks into my eyes. "I love you." he whispers. I smile at his comment. "I love you more." He then slowly kissed my lips. I pull away. "whats wrong babe?" He had a confused look on his face. I looked down for a moment, then back up. "Can I ask you for something?" He then whispers very close to my face, "Anything you want love, I get you." I smile and bite my lip. I whisper in his ear 2 words. "Rock me." And he did just that.


9. Confessions. (short chapter)

As we pull away I stare into Harry's eyes. They stare into mine. Harry takes a deep breath.

"Every moment I spend with you, I want you more and more in my life." he said. I look down at the sand. Then I look back up into his eyes.

"harry I-" I paused." I had a boyfriend once. Justin. He was my everything. I wanted to be with him forever. But that feeling changed when I saw him making out with another girl. When he cheated, I felt broken. Harry, I don't want to feel that again. I am falling in love with you but-"

Harry interrupted me."Julia, I would never ever ever hurt you. I promise." He cupped my face in his hands.

"but Justin-"

"I know. But I'm not Justin." I couldn't believe that harry and I are having this conversation.

"why? why me? why, out of all the millions of girls who would do anything for you, why me?"

He smiled at me, taking my hands in his. "because your the one I want to be with. You understand me. It's you that makes me feel sparks fly when we kiss. When we hold hands, I never want to let go. You are my everything Julia." 

My mouth dropped open a little bit as I stared at him. And then, these 4 little words came out of my mouth as my head fell to his chest.

"I love you harry."


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