Rock Me

rated +16 because there is innappropriate content. If you are not comfortable with reading it, don't.

(HARRY) He looks into my eyes. "I love you." he whispers. I smile at his comment. "I love you more." He then slowly kissed my lips. I pull away. "whats wrong babe?" He had a confused look on his face. I looked down for a moment, then back up. "Can I ask you for something?" He then whispers very close to my face, "Anything you want love, I get you." I smile and bite my lip. I whisper in his ear 2 words. "Rock me." And he did just that.


1. Beautiful morning

Julia's POV:

I woke up slowly as the bright light from my bedroom window shone through. I yawned and stretched my arms. I finally got up out of bed and opened my window. I felt the breeze on my face. It felt so good. I decided to get dressed into a some dark blue skinny jeans and a white shirt and make breakfast. Later I felt like going for a walk just because it was a beautiful day.


Harry's POV:

I woke up as the sun was shining right in my face from the window. I heard laughing downstairs. It sounded like Niall's laugh. I got out of bed and got dressed. I looked out my window It finally stopped raining. It had been raining for days before today. wow. What a beautiful morning. I went downstairs to find all the boys in the kitchen eating pancakes and talking and laughing."hey lads."

"good morning harry. so you finally woke up huh?" said Louis.

"yeah. I guess I was pretty tired."

Liam spoke up and said we had no interviews or meetings today and I was happy. Finally I get to relax. Later all the boys went out for Nandos but I decided to go out and take a walk. I stopped a couple of times because of the fans, but it was actually quite relaxing. I reached in my pocket and took out my phone. I went on twitter and, as usual, there were a lot of notifications. As I read through the fans tweets, I felt a bump as if I had run into something. Except it wasn't something. It was someone.

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