Why me?

This story is about a girl named Korina who just finished school and is 19 years old. She is trying to find somewhere else to live rather then her aunts house. She goes jogging one day and finds an apartment open for rent. She calls the number and someone answers......


1. My Story

                         *Korina's P.O.V.*

    Hi my name is Korina. I'm about to tell a story on how I met my husband but first you should get to know me better. I am 19 in this story and I currently live with my aunt. My parents don't live with me because my mother died in a car crash between two drunks and my dad decided to.....disappear. So this is how the story starts......

    Since I'm 19 I am planning on getting my own place to live because my aunt is kicking me out of her house. Right now my aunt isn't very happy that I still live in her house when I'm old enough to get my own. From my job at Starbucks I get up to 100-200 dollars a week. What am I going to do I can't get a house on my own!

       To get my mind off of all this I headed out on my daily jog and came across a flier.

"Looking for roommate for new apartment. If interested call (342)113-4344"

I instantly took the paper and got my phone out. I noticed I had a message from my aunt.


Wow, that woman sure knows how to make someone's day. I soon remembered to call the number on the flier and after a few rings someone answered.

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