Miss You

Amy Sheeran seems like she has the perfect life. She's pretty, popular...oh and her older brother is Ed Sheeran, but when Ed left, she met Mike... the boy she thought she loved. But will she lose feelings for Mike when she meets one of the guys from 1D? Will Mike get jealous? Will she see Ed again? Read to find out! :)

P.S: this is my first fan fic... hope you guys like it! :)


2. Meeting Mike

It's been a few years since Ed left to start his music career. I don't think you guys need me to tell you that he's gotten quite famous. I really do miss Ed. He was the only person I ever really trusted and talked to. I mean, of course we fought... but that's what siblings do, right? Despite all that, he was so sweet and protective of me, I'd be lucky if there was anyone else in my life like that. Well... I should probably get some sleep. I have school tomorrow. Ugh.

                                                       *Alarm goes off*

Uggggh. I really don't want to go to school. Life isn't fair. I roll out of bed, as usual. My hair is a mess. Typical. I brush my teeth and my hair, put on eyeliner, mascara, blush and nude pink lipstick. Hmmm I don't quite know what to wear. I guess I'll just wear my Beatles t-shirt, faded blue skinny jeans and white high top converse. I grab my book bag and I'm out the door.

                                                    *10 min walk to school*

I get to my first class on time. Thank god. At least I have dance as my first class today. "Good morning class! Today we're going to be learning some new hip-hop moves!" says Mr. Waters excitedly. No one calls him 'Mr. Waters' though, he always tells us to call him by his first name, Leeroy. Leeroy is Liam Payne's cousin. He's openly gay and I don't mind at all. Whatever makes him happy. Just as we start to warm up, a boy walks into class. I'm assuming he's new because I've never seen him before. Damn. This boy is HAWT! "Oh! you must be the new student! Come introduce yourself." says Leeroy with a big smile. "Hi...erm my names Mike Kelling. I just moved here to London from Essex." said Mike with a nervous smile. Mike has messy jet black hair and icy blue eyes, he seems to be about 5 feet 10 inches and, well... he's pretty damn fit. "Amyyy!" Leeroy calls out my name. "Yea?" I reply. "You and Mike will be partners for the rest of the year. Is that okay love.?" asks Leeroy. "Of course!!" I answer a bit too excitedly. Mike walks up to me. He seemed kind of lost. "You're Amy, right?" he shyly asks. "Yup! Nice to meet you!" I say with a smile. "Nice too meet you too!" he says smiling. "Well, lets get dancing then!" I say to Mike, giggling. "Alright." he replies with a smile.

                                                        *End of dance class*

Time for my next class, marketing. I don't mind marketing, it's pretty fun actually. As I'm on my way to class, I see Mike. "Hey Mike!" he turns around. "Oh, Hi!" he says with a smile. "You have marketing too?" I ask looking at his list of classes "Ya-" i cut him off. "We have all the same classes." I look back up at him with a slight smile. "At least I'll know someone then!" he says laughing.

                                                              *Class starts*

"Hello class. Today we'll be learning about marketing strategies." says Mr. Styles, or as he likes to be called, Marcel. Marcel is Harry Styles' older brother. Marcel is so adorably clumsy, bless him. Mike was sitting next to me, so I didn't really get much work done. We were talking almost all class. Just before the lunch bell rang, Mike asked me to sit with him at lunch. Of course I said yes.

                                                          *At Lunch*

I find Mike sitting alone at a table. "Hey you!" I say with a smile. "Hey!" he says back. "Aren't you going to eat?" Mike asks me. "Nah. I'll just steel your food." I say to him winking and taking his cupcake. "Oi! I was gunna eat that!" he says laughing. "Well, too bad Mikey!" I reply with a cheeky smile. "You're lucky you're pretty." he says. "What'd you say?" I ask not sure if I heard correctly. "Nothing!" says Mike while going bright red. "I uh gotta go..." I say leaving Mike sitting there. I do feel bad about just leaving him sitting there. I just have questions filling my mind. Does he actually think I'm pretty? Is he a player? What do I say if he asks me out? I think I'm going to skip the rest of school. I walk home in the rain.

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