1D Wizard Games

Five normal boys from the Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff houses, Harry Styles, the boy who lived (Gryffindor), Niall Horan (Hufflepuff), Liam Payne (Ravenclaw), Louis Tomlinson (Gryffindor), and Zayn Malik (Slytherin), discover a love for music and form a band called One Direction during their year 4 of school. What happens when a deadly game comes to Hogwarts and their lives are at risk?

From Chapter 3 on,my. BFF, Izzy, will be co writing this


11. Chapter 11

Iz's POV:

"S-sir, we were having a party, for being victors, like you said then some people at the party did something to their house. T-then they attacked and we had to use self defense." 
i say. Snow nods his head understandably. 

Liam's POV:

"Even though this is all lies, fine. We're outta here."
I say. We walk out and get back on the Hogwarts express to go back home. When we get back to platform 9 and 3/4, we go to our old houses. We're planning on moving out and living by each other to keep the band together. School was the only place we got to see each other. One Direction can't be over. This Direction doesn't have an end. 

Iz's POV:

"James come on, we're gonna be late to the Victor's ceremony!" 
I say with a laugh.
"Ok, hold on babe I'm gettin my jacket on!" 
He says. He comes out . 
"How do I look?" 
He asks.
I reply and we kiss.He's dressed in a black jacket and white shirt and black pants. Im dresssed in a white tee shirt and a leather jacket and tight, dark jeans. We go into the great hall. 
"Welcome wizards and witches. Everyone give a round of applause for James and Iz, the victors of the first annual Wizard Games!" 
Snow says. He crowns us and says congrats and hugs us. The school cheers. James kisses me then we sit down at the Slytherin table to eat. Our table cheers.

Harry's POV:

The boys and I move out and get houses right next to each other. We keep singing together. We got a new management and we have another album and a tour scheduled. The tickets are gunna go on sale in 5 minutes. We wanna see how fast the tour sells out. It's finally time. I hit the timer on my phone. It only took 7 seconds to sell out the whole tour. It's a world tour too so it's got even more places. The first concert is gunna be next week. We are releasing our album tomorrow. It's late so the boys and I go home and we fall asleep. When we wake up, the album is released. It sells really quickly. We are the most popular band on the planet. We are even more popular than the Beatles were. Soon enough, it is time for the first concert of the tour. We perform and the crowd goes crazy. I look at the boys and I smile. One Direction is never gunna end. This direction will never end. 

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