a story of death

I know every detail about coke. every little detail, from micro chips the drink, to putting arsenic in V.I.Ps foam. My name is Snowfall. And I am so ready to tell every one about this.


3. to

I got the book out of the bag and began to read, everything in there shocked me, but upon reading the last thing, I was so scared I fainted. I wasn't missed until, I was needed, It was for me to work on the commercials. The head was a shifty,man and was suspicious. When I woke up my hands tied behind my back and my feet were also tied, and I was laying on a ship deck.

"shes awake" someone said.

"Good cause we're there" someone commented.

"the head even here to see her off" said a third.

Then I was dropped in a boat and I got a brief glance of the people in the boat. They were all people the book said had sworn to secrecy. And as the last person said the head was there to "see me off." Then speed boat started and I was rolled over onto my stomach, courtesy to the sudden movement. I thought about how the people in the boat were sworn to secrecy and how unfair it was that I never got the chance, the whole /// ride.

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