a story of death

I know every detail about coke. every little detail, from micro chips the drink, to putting arsenic in V.I.Ps foam. My name is Snowfall. And I am so ready to tell every one about this.


2. going

As I said I worked for coke thats was until I found their plans and recipes. I was fixing one of their machines, when I found something.That something happened to be a secret compartment, I should've left it alone by then, but I was intrigued I opened it. Inside it was a book I put the book, in my leather bag that held my tools and finished fixing the machine. Afterwards I went up to my one of my favorite spots. I clipped the straps, into my double crossing belts, when coke had learn of my like to sit up there, they had put in a harness system. It was one of the few things they did, just to be nice to me. Even then I think it was to win my trust. The only change from my commercial outfit, to my work clothes was I wore a Blue grey, boatneck tee shirt.

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