Saved My Life.

Angie thought that she would never have the perfect life. She thought that she would never be happy. After all, she was stuck with an abusive boyfriend and two parents that wanted no part of her. And to top it off, everyone at school hated her except for her best friend, Jenny. The only thing that kept Angie going was her inspiration and idol, Justin Drew Bieber. Her life changed, and so did his. "Y-you saved my life."


2. Lock the Doors.

     "Jenny, I'm running over there as fast as I can, you better have your door open." I said, out of breath. But I knew that if I stopped, he would get me and my entire life would be over.

     "It's open, just please hurry. I can't lose you." She said shakily.


     I got Jenny's house just in time. I was about to collapse from running so much. Damn you, Adam. I kicked open the door and screamed for my best friend.

     " JENNY! Where are you?!"

     "I'm coming Angie!" She yelled, running down the stairs.

     "Lock all the doors and windows. Close all the shades so he doesn't know where we are." I said, on the verge of breaking down.

     "Here, this is for your protection." She handed my a gun.

     "What the fuck Jenny? Where the hell did you get a gun?"

     "It's my dad's. Now, no time for these questions! Lock the door and I'll get the upstairs and the basement." She said, already on her way upstairs.

     I locked the door and ran upstairs to Jenny with the gun in my hand. I looked out the window and saw Adam running down the street with a knife in his hand. I could tell he looked madder than ever. 


     Ever since I could remember, Adam would always get pleasure from hurting me, whether it was slapping me, kicking me in the stomach, or banging my head against the wall. He would always tell me that I was a piece of shit and that I deserved to rot in hell. And whenever I would question why he was still with me, he would always just hit me to shut up. At this point, I just didn't care about living anymore. I would always try to commit suicide, but a part of me would always say "You can do this Angie. Stay strong. For me." and I would end up just going through the abuse the next day. Now, you would think my parents would be there to protect me, but I forgot about them a long time ago. They would be just like Adam, always hitting me, telling me that I will never get anywhere in life. That's why I left them about a year ago. I've been living with my brother, Tom, but I barely get to see him because he's always working. So it's basically just me and Jenny when she has the time.


     "Jenny! Open up you little bitch! I know Angie's in there!" I heard Adam scream from outside the door while banging on it.

     "It's okay Ang, I called the police, they're on their way here," Jenny said in tears.

     "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!" I heard him scream. I looked outside the window and saw flashing sirens down the street. A state of relief washed over me as I watched them get out of the squad car.

    "DROP THE KNIFE AND OUT YOUR HANDS UP WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!" A policeman yelled at Adam. Adam then dropped the knife and started running and trying to escape the cops. But, fortunately, he was too slow for them and they tackled him and handcuffed his hands behind his back.

     "You are under arrest for physically and sexually abusing a minor." One of the policemen said, guiding Adam to the backseat of the car. Oh and I obviously forgot to mention, he also sexually abused me. He got me pregnant twice, and made me miscarriage both times. And yes, I'm still a minor. I'm 17 and he's 19. 

     I started bawling my eyes out, just thinking what could have happened if he got to me. What if stabbed me or beat me to death? What if the police didn't get here in time. I'm so grateful that he's gone now, because I have honestly never seen him so pissed off. Well, I should probably tell you why he got so pissed off.


    I was at home watching tv, eating dinner, when all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. It was Adam.

    "Open the door bitch! I have something to say to your face!" He yelled through the door.

    "No, go away Adam. You've already caused me enough pain in my life, now leave. I'm sick of your cruel games."

    "What did you just say? YOU DO NOT SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT." He kicked the door open and picked me up by the neck.

    "Adam, y-you're ch-choking me." I gasped for air. He dropped me to the ground and kicked me in my stomach. He then the grabbed my hair and pulled me to the bedroom.

    "Looks like someone needs to be taught a lesson about how they speak to their boyfriend." He spat. He then started roughly kissing me and sticking his tongue down my throat. I pushed him away, but he kept coming back. He stuck his hands up my shirt and started touching me and I kicked him in the groin really hard.

    "That's what you get, you asshole." I said. His eyes shot up at me, full of rage.

    "!" He said pulling something out of his pocket.

     I started running out the door and down the stairs. I ran outside and ran all the way to Jenny's house.


    "Angie? Angie answer me!" 

    I looked up and I was laying on Jenny's bed and she was sitting over me.

    "Wh-What happened?" I said standing up and rubbing my eyes.

    "You passed out. I tried waking you up but I decided to just wait until you would wake up yourself."

    "Thanks. Alright, well, now that Adam is out of my life (for now), I minus well start enjoying a free life." I said while following Jenny down the stairs to the kitchen.

    "That's right! And guess what?" Jenny asked me while jumping up and down.

    " What?" I asked, honestly too tired to be excited for whatever she had planned.

    "Tomorrow night' at 8:00 PM, we are going to see Justin Bieber. First row."


      Author's Note: Hey guys!! Sorry it was so short! But really hope you enjoy it! I'll try to update as soon as I can, but for now I wanna get readers and some comments. Without comments, I don't write more chapters! Kisses!!     ~arielbondy.










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