Saved My Life.

Angie thought that she would never have the perfect life. She thought that she would never be happy. After all, she was stuck with an abusive boyfriend and two parents that wanted no part of her. And to top it off, everyone at school hated her except for her best friend, Jenny. The only thing that kept Angie going was her inspiration and idol, Justin Drew Bieber. Her life changed, and so did his. "Y-you saved my life."


5. But Why?

     **ANGIE'S POV**

     I woke up in a small, plain room except for a bed and a drawer and mirror. I had no idea where I was, or what happened after I blacked out. The last thing I remembered was being kicked and punched by Adam. Ugh, it makes me gag just by thinking about him. I decided to just push the thought of his revolting face out of my mind and to just focus on trying to find out where I was. I heard sounds in the other room. It sounded like people talking.

     "But Scooter, I had to save her! She was getting beaten by some asshole and she was already on the verge of dying! What was I supposed to do, just leave her there in the alleyway?" One voice said, almost yelling.

     "Justin, you did the right thing, but you could have taken the girl to the hospital or you could have called her parents or something! But you had to bring her onto the bus? What are the paparazzi going to think about this? What if this gets out and everyone will know?" Another voice said, clearly having sympathy in his voice.

     "Well you know what Scoot? I don't give a shit on whether or not the whole world hears about this. I didn't do anything wrong and there's no point in me being ashamed. Just please, try to make her feel welcomed once she wakes up?"

     "Fine, whatever Justin. But please, don't get her involved in everything that's happening right now. You don't even know her."

     Wait a second. Justin? Scooter? Bus? This can't be. I'm in Justin Bieber's tour bus? OH MY GOD! All of a sudden, I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I pretended to be asleep once someone came in.

     "Hello? Angie? Are you still sleeping?" I heard an all too familiar voice say. I then opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful person in the world. THE Justin Bieber, now closer than ever.

     "Is it really you? Justin?" I said, eyes as wide as bowling balls. He let out a chuckle and a smirk appeared on his face.

     "Yes, it's really me, Justin Bieber. Soak it in." He said playfully.

     "What happened to me? How did I end up here? And why did you bother saving me?" I asked him, confusion clearly shown in my eyes.

     "Some little asshole was beating you up, and I couldn't let him get away with killing such a beautiful girl like you. Actually, I wouldn't let him kill anybody." He said, laughing.

     I blushed and he saw me. He held my chin between his thumb and index finger and made me look at him in the eyes.

     "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Angie. I'm just stating the truth." He said, looking deeply into my eyes. I blushed again, and let out a little giggle, but immediately stopped because my stomach hurt really bad, probably from all that kicking. 

     "Oh and how do you know my name anyway?" I said, raising an eyebrow, kind of creeped out.

     "That guy that was beating you up said it while he was crawling away, along with his dignity, saying something about getting the both of us dead, no matter what it took?" Justin said, obviously thinking that it was an empty threat. But my stomach immediately dropped and I turned pale.

     "Hey, what's wrong?" He said, worry shown on his face.

     "A-Adam said he was going to k-kill us?" I said, a tear running down my face.

      "Hey, hey! Don't worry! I won't let anything happen to you. Believe me, I won't let that bastard lay one finger on you, no matter how hard I have to try." Justin said, wiping the tear away and swiftly engulfing me into a hug. I laid my head onto his chest and we just stayed there for what seemed like forever.

     "Angie, I want to take you out tomorrow night, I get one day tomorrow then we're on the road again. I want to spend all of tomorrow with you. What do you say?" Justin said, hoping that I would say yes.

     "I would love to Justin, thank you." I said smiling ear-to-ear. I really like him and his personality, and I don't care if I just met him tonight.

     Then I remembered, where I am I going to go? I was too traumatized to go back home because I knew Adam would go there looking for me. So, I tried to call Jenny, but she didn't answer, so I just left a message. I started to get upset because if Jenny doesn't answer her phone, I'm not going to be able to go anywhere. A tear started running down my face again.

     "What's wrong princess?"Justin said. As soon as I heard him call me princess, butterflies filled up my stomach. I never felt like this before, mainly because I had to spend years getting tortured by Adam, and he was the only "boyfriend" I've ever had.

     "I-I have n-nowhere to go. I can't go back home. A-Adam will be l-looking for me." I said, almost sobbing.

     Justin instantly pulled me into an embrace. "It's okay, Ang, you can crash here with me tonight if you'd like. I weakly smiled up at him and kissed his cheek. A few minutes later, we got ready for bed and Justin lent me his shirt to sleep in. He explained to Scooter about my situation, and thankfully he was okay with it. We both fell into a deep sleep with Justin's arm wrapped securely around me. It just felt so right.

     **JENNY'S POV (NEW POV)**

     "Oh my god Adam! H-Harder! Harder!" I screamed, scratching Adam's back while he slammed his length into me.

     "Anything for my baby." He growled into my ear while speeding up.

     "I'm going" I screamed as we both let our juices flow. He fell on top of me and we both fell asleep, cuddling.


A/N: Woah! I bet you didn't see that last part coming! Do you think Angie will find out about her best friend sleeping with her abusive boyfriend?? I'll try to update this weekend, if not early next week. I love you all! Keep commenting! no comments=no chapters! :*  





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