the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


9. chapter 9

zoey pov

when we opened the door we got dog piled by the boys except niall and liv they kept asking questions like where did you go why didnt you tell us i just said we went for a walk and went up stairs to the hang out room i started singing the a team like a couple days ago when i meet louis i finished singing when i heard a beeep i looked at the door and and saw liam zayn harry and louis with his phone out he must have recorded me what are you guys doing you you sound good you kinda almost sound like niall harry spoke i do not i sound like a cat getting ran over i stated WHAT DONT EVEN TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT CAT!!!!! ohh and you do have a pretty voice said harry and left okay so im guess harry likes cats i said you have no idea liam said and left me and louis stayed there in silence in tell louis said well im going to go my room your welcome to come if you like' yeah sure we were going up the stairs when i tripped and fell back into louis causeing him to fall i dont know how but i landed into louis chest with my head by his head i looked up and said omg im so so sorry i didnt mean to i di- i was cut off by his lips crashing into mine i was shocked at first but kissed him back it was like we were the only people in the world in tell we pulled back for air that was a nice way of telling me to shut up i said he just smile and pulled me up with me still holding on to my waist i know ive only known you for a little bit but i was wondering if you would like to go out with me he said i looked up at him and said of course i would he leaned and kissed me again we kissed for a minute and then headed up stairs i ended up staying the night again with olivia 

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