the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


5. chapter 5

zoey povs

i woke up with a tight imbrass i looked up to see liam and his arms wrapped around my waist and my arms foulded up to his chest i confess i have a slight crush on him and then looked up to see his piercing brown eyes staring into my blue ones ive never notice all the details in his face before now i was take in out of thought when his lips crashed into mine it felt like wow just wow there were fireworks in my stomach we stop a minute later out of breath im sorry i ju- i cut him off with another kiss and walked off wow that was my first and second kiss i sat down on the stool in the kitchen and just thought why did i kiss back and kissed him again ughh im so stupid 'you kissed him' i truned around to see louis did i really say that out loud i asked answer me did you really kiss liam he asked with sad eyes  i just looked down at my feet and nodded and then i blurted it didnt mean anything he seem a little relieved and walked in and sat next to me do you want to wake up the boys he asked i have a better plan.....

liam povs

i kissed her and she kissed back and kissed me again that means shes not with louis and might like me i went to go in the kitchen to talk to her when i stopped at the door and heard did you really kiss him there was a moment of silence in tell i heard her voice say it didnt mean anything then it was getting blury i put my hand to my eyes and i.. was .. crying ... wow i guess really really like her i grabbed my jacket and put shoes on and walked down the side walk to the park i sat on a swing crying to myself 



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