the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


2. chapter 2


                                                                        At the mall

well im going to find them said olivia, okay text me when your done with that, okay bye said liv 

some times i wonder about her hmm i should go to hollister i need a new jacket i started walking and humming the A team by ed sheeran i finally entered the store and started looking when i ran into someone he had brown hair and glasses and was wearing a jacket like he was trying to hide him self ohh sorry love he said and held his hand out i glady grab his had and said ohh no it was my fault im pretty clumsy i said as he helped me up he looked at me and said have i seen you before i looked at him and said um hi im zoey who are you he gave me a weird look and took off his glasses do you know how i am now i look at him deeply in tell i realized your one of those guys from one direction right'' yep im the one and only louis tomlinson ohh well nice to meet you i said so i've never meet he asked yeah im pretty sure i havent meet you in tell now i said ohh well um can i maybe have your number he ask i wonder why he wants my number '' uhh yea let me see your phone i typed my number in it while he did the same with my phone well i see you sometime he said yea maybe i said alright bye he said and left after i said bye 

i wonder why he ask for my number maybe just to make me happy must of thought i was a big fan or something i thought as i went back to looking for a jacket


louis pov: wow just wow i dont know why but i couldnt get her off my mind she was beatiful but she looked really familllar i wonder if shes a fan probaly not she disnt seem to care who i was not that i care but i just cant forget her she was amazing i wonder if i should text her? hmm i should tell the boys about her they would no what to do right maybe just harry we are pretty close yea i should thats what ill do


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