Stay (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

When Teagan Foster moves to a new school yet again she meets a dark and mysterious curly haired boy. She finds her self wondering about this boy and will do anything to learn more about who he is. When Teagan starts to uncover some of his secrets she learns that most of them should have just stayed hidden.


1. Chapter 1

“You really think I give a shit anymore.” I glanced out the window and watched the town where I had lived for a year flash by.

“Teagan,” my dad said sternly, “you should not talk to me or your mother like that.”

I took a deep breath, “I’m sorry. I just don’t understand why you are making a big deal about moving again. Trust me I’m used to it.” In the past seventeen years my family has moved twelve times.

“Honey, I promise you that this will be the last time you will be moving with us. My company has promised that we will be in this location long enough for you to graduate,” my mom explained.

“Oh,” was all I could manage to say. I had never tried to imagine what life would be like if I didn’t have to move around so much, but because of my mom’s I slept the rest of the car ride imagining life somewhere for more than two years.


I wake up to the buzzing of my alarm clock. I know it is loud enough to be heard anywhere in the house so I leave it ringing as payback to my parents for making me go to school today. I walk down the hall and take a quick shower. Then, I blow dry my hair straight and walk back to my room. I change into a pair of light blue jeans and a pink t-shirt. I finally turned off my alarm clock and sulked down the stairs to go get some breakfast.

“I’m sorry that you have to go to school today sweetie, but all the other students are getting back from their winter break and your father and I wanted you to start the same day as everyone else,” my mom said while placing eggs on my plate.

“That still doesn’t change the fact everyone else is almost halfway through the year,” I grumbled. I slowly ate the breakfast on my plate wasting time before I would have to school. As a new student it is hard to make friends, but it is even harder when you come in the middle of the year since everybody already has there “group.” That is one of the reasons I don’t really have any friends. I mean people are usually nice to me, but I have never had someone I could depend on.

“Teagan you should really get going to school now you don’t want to be late.” My mom came over to where I was seated and kissed the top of my head. “Have a good day,” she smiled her teeth perfectly white.

“Maybe,” I replied before exiting the house.




Author's Note:

I am so excited to be writing this story! Right now it is a little boring, but I promise it will get much more interesting ;) Please feel free to comment anything you have to say about the story or anything in general. Nobody probably read this, but if you did then I love you. Even if you didn't I still love you. Ok, bye!

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