Drug and Alcohol Change *Louis Tomlinson*

Thursday WesWing is a victim of bullying, she was the smartest when it came to teen and their lives when she was in Kindergarten, she developed depression. She was an outcast all of her years. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan bully her. She stutters, gets mental breakdowns, her hands shake, she collapses. Everyone thinks it's only for attention. When she was younger everything was a bit bad. But then the mental breakdowns, shaking hands, collapsing are getting worse every year. Instead of self harming, she slowly kills herself by smoking and drinking. She's got a pretty good job, but people don't like her to be their tour guide for dinosaurs, so she sits around and watches. She doesn't have the best life, but it's good enough for her to live without anyone helping her, just a few bucks and rent's paid. Bullying is the reason why everything is turning downhill. She break down as well at her job. One Direction visit the museum. They don't recognize her at first.


1. Chapter One

A/N Well hello there! I am Thursday, and this story is based on my life! I really do hope you like this story! xoxo stay strong and beautiful. This may be short. Sorry.



Thursday's POV


~Middle School~


I took a shaky breath and walked into school, everything would seem normal to you, everyone messing around, talking, bullying others.


But my story is different you see. My hands shake, I have mental breakdowns, I collapse out of stress. I'm not that good of a child, I live alone, my parents have died, my aunts and uncles don't want me to live at their house. So I live at an abandoned house.


"Hi, Day!" I waved to our teacher, the only friends I have are teachers, they help me out sometimes, but they're temporary.


"Hi attention whore." someone whispered in my ear. Angelica is the ugliest, fake tanned, blonde in my school, I get disgusted when I see her face. "Hi Angelica, how're you doing?" I ask, everyone knew me as the nicest person you can meet, but that changed when rumors started to spread.


"I feel so much better after I left your sorry ass." I shrugged, "Well what can I say? I'm the person who makes everyone feel better." I smiled and walked towards my locker.


"Those are some dirty clothes there." my hands shook violently as I tried to put my lock number in. "Does it matter?" I whisper, getting my lock wrong because my fingers can't keep still. I sigh in desperation as I try again. Locked.


"You homeless?" Louis asks, leaning against one of the lockers. I shrug and try again.


"Fucking finally." I whisper and open my locker to find everything ripped, broken and scattered. "Oh noooo." I say in 'shock'.


I tilt my head back and give out a big sigh. I closed my locker gently, moving it back and forth sometimes as my shaky hands trembled some more.


After it was closed I quickly walked towards the empty class, stumbling and falling in the process.


"Why are you so smelly?" Harry asks in disgust as he walks into the classroom with Zayn. "I don't know, maybe because my apartment pays the water bill 5 times every two months?" I say as I lay my head on my desk.


My breath became ragged as more people walked in. My number one weakness.




"Hello class." our teacher says as everyone walked in. "H-hello." I say quietly, "Oh look! Stutter said something!" Liam teased, I rubbed my face angrily as everyone laughed. I started to breathe heavily as the laughter raised in volume. I looked at my hands and they were gripping my desk tightly.


My eyes started to burn, meaning that my eyes were turning red. It's very unique how my eyes are a light blue, but when I get mental breakdowns or something, my eyes turn red.


"Woah, her eyes turned red." Niall said in surprise, "Oh, so now you noticed?" I asked angrily, tracing my shaky hands with a pencil.


"Alright class! Quiet down." our teacher said as he got off his phone, everyone was quiet already after my outburst.


I took an extra notebook from my bag and started to write notes down.


"Okay, so, write commas whenever you're talking about something else, put commas before 'buts', put quotations when someone is speaking, etc etc etc." I read my notes to myself quietly and nodded in understandment.


The bell rang loudly, "Wow, that was quick." I told myself, I slinged my bag onto my shoulder and walked out quickly, my legs wobbling as I walk.


I put my English booklet into my locker slowly and close it slowly, steadying my arm's shakiness.



The worst class ever is next.




Physical Education.






A/N Okay, yeah, this is probably really short! Sorry, I'll update either today or tomorrow.

Stay strong and beautiful! xoxo






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