Drug and Alcohol Change *Louis Tomlinson*

Thursday WesWing is a victim of bullying, she was the smartest when it came to teen and their lives when she was in Kindergarten, she developed depression. She was an outcast all of her years. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan bully her. She stutters, gets mental breakdowns, her hands shake, she collapses. Everyone thinks it's only for attention. When she was younger everything was a bit bad. But then the mental breakdowns, shaking hands, collapsing are getting worse every year. Instead of self harming, she slowly kills herself by smoking and drinking. She's got a pretty good job, but people don't like her to be their tour guide for dinosaurs, so she sits around and watches. She doesn't have the best life, but it's good enough for her to live without anyone helping her, just a few bucks and rent's paid. Bullying is the reason why everything is turning downhill. She break down as well at her job. One Direction visit the museum. They don't recognize her at first.


5. Chapter Four *Please Read A/N*


A/N I updated! You love me yet? No? Kay, just wanted to make sure that you saw this. c: Update cominggggggg. NOW. PS: The polyvore up there is what I wore, I don't know how to swim for your information. I DID NOT BRING THE BAD OR EARRINGS c: I love you and your reading abilities and how you are not angry or bored with my life! <3 Love you! xoxo stay strong and beautiful!







Thursday's POV


I fumbled around the dirty room to find the nicest -and not so smelly- clothes. "Finally." I murmur as I pull up a warm sweater, some skinny jeans that don't hug my legs, some boots, a scarf and a bracelet.


I changed into the clothing and tried to memorize the address the paper had on the back. I walked out of the house and looked at what street I'm on.


"Okay, so I'm on Maritime street, so that means Burgundy street is two blocks from here." I say to myself as I grab my arm tightly. A car drove beside me and Angelica and Hanna kept throwing paper and cups at me.


"Loser! Why did they ever invite you?!" Elias screamed at me, I shrugged, "You tell me, Elias." I quietly responded with my voice cracking at the end.


Elias used to be my best friend, he left me for Angelica and Hanna, he became best friends with them, so, here I am, no friends beside me at all.


"You fat ugly bitch." Elias screamed at me, my blood boiled, I turned my head stiffly and stared at them. They basically lived beside me so, I tried to shoot a comeback. "You bitches basically live beside me, so why are you using a car? WHY? 'CAUSE YOUR FAT ASSES CAN'T EVEN FUCKING MOVE BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF FUCKING BABIES THAT'LL BE PROSTITUTES WHEN THEY GET OUT OF YOUR STOMACH SOON?!" I screamed angrily, throwing a large stick at the car, making a huge dent on it.


"WHY DON'T YOU FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE FOR A CHANGE HUH? OR ARE ALL OF YOU TOO STUPID TO COMPREHEND WHAT I JUST SAID?!" I screamed at kicked their windows. Angelica and Hanna had cowered away from the windows as Elias used this kind of button to close the windows.


I sighed angrily as I entered the open backyard door that I just came across on that had music and screams filled with inside. Almost everything quieted down when I walked in. "What's she doing here?" Mica, one of the school nerds asked.


"YEAH?!" everyone shouted at me, making me flinch and making my hands shake violently. "I-I don't know, as-ask the pe-people who invited yo-you." I stuttered as I slowly sat on a lawn chair.


"Ah! You've made it, Thursday." Louis says as he walks out of the house. I look up slowly, "So why'd you invite me?" I ask lowly with a shaky breath. "No reason, just thought we could hang out." he shrugged and sat beside me as his tongue played with the inside of his cheek. I furrowed my eyebrows together.


"So, what's u-" I got cut off as someone picked me up and walked towards the pool. I screamed as I punched the person's back. "I CAN'T SWI-" I stopped my sentence as I hit the cold liquid. I flailed my arms, trying to resurface, but I couldn't.


My last breaths of air flew out of my nostrils and water started to pour into my lungs, I coughed, making the situation worse as water poured into my mouth. My hand raised up, the cool air hitting my damaged fingers from the incident earlier from today.


My eyes started to burn so they closed, my warm tears mixed in with the cold water, my mouth was tightly closed now, but water was still in there. My arm was too tired so it sunk down.


Soon, my lungs gave out on me.




Louis' POV (This is what I think happened to when I fainted)


Panic washed over me as she didn't get out of the water yet. "Harry, check if she's alright." I whisper to him, "Why?" his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. "Just go." I told him, he mumbled stupid shit and stepped on the stairs of the pool. While he was waist deep, I think he hit something, because then his face held pain.


"I think I found her." he screamed, everyone moved their heads to Harry.


He picked her up and put her on the side. Liam ran up to the body and put his ear close to her mouth. "I can't hear her breathing, Zayn, find her pulse." Liam says as he tried to find a pulse on her wrist. "Her pulse is barely there." Zayn says as he puts two fingers against her neck.


I got up as fast as I can as I walked up to them.


Everyone was trained on us as Niall ran towards us. "Anyone know CPR?" I shout as I crouch down. "I-I do." some guy with a small quiff said and raised his hand up. I motioned him walk over and he listened.


"Okay, what is your name?" "Elias." "Okay, tell us what to do and Harry will do it for you." I say to him. "O-okay, tilt her head up." he started off, Harry tilts her head up, "Do this action on her chest." Elias does this weird motion and does it repeatedly until Harry copies him.


"Okay, your have to give her mouth to mouth, so breathe air into her so that the water will escape her lungs and the air you have given her will enter her lungs." Elias instructed, Harry sighed and and connected his lips with hers and hollowed his cheeks as he breathed into her. "Okay, pump her chest again." That doesn't sound right, readers. Does it? And if you're questioning why Harry, it's because when this event happened. The person who saved me had green eyes, so I was like, 'WHY NAHT?!' make sense? Hope so.


Elias instructed, Harry disconnected his lips together and did that weird action on her again. "I feel a pulse." Liam told as Niall looked at the scene in front of him. "Okay, breathe into her again to get more water out of her lungs." Elias says as some water falls out of the tight seal of her lips.


Harry connected his lips to her's again and breathes into her. I don't even-- XD


"That's disgusting." "Well they're trying to save a life." people talked and talked as more water spilled out of her mouth. Harry has his lips still locked on her's as she gagged and sat up a bit.


She pushed Harry away as he wouldn't pull away, and clearly, he hasn't noticed that she's okay. She gasped for air and put a hand to her chest. "Wh-what the hell?" she gasps as she stands up gruffly.


"We saved your life?" I say while shrugging slowly. 


"Th-then why was he st-still kissing me-e as I was cle-early alive?" she stuttered and wiped her mouth in disgust. He mumbled something that Thursday and I heard. "'Cause I liked it." Thursday and I looked at him like he was crazy.


"I'm-I'm going." she's says awkwardly and walks away, "Wait! Stay!" Harry and I say in a panicked tone.


Everyone looked at us, she frowned and sat on the lawn chair.


She basically fell asleep on the chair and as the party kept going, Harry stole kisses from her.


I rolled my eyes at how Harry can be so weird and disgusting sometimes.




Everyone started to file out of our backyard and Harry brought her into the guest room, I think.


That's then end of the night, I guess.





A/N HAI. So. I love you people, I really dew. c: Just to let you know---I LOVE YOU. <3 I might do another chapter of what happened in the morning since it came back to me. I'll update tomorrow if I can! <3 Thank you and please help me get more readers! <3 xoxo stay strong and beautiful!





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