"im nothing"

"im nothing" is based on a true story
*characters are not real*
"im nothing" is about a girl name "mini" shes a not so popular girl shes the type of girl tht would be call scene,freak,or weirdo this story tells about her life in school,at home,and other places everyone at first sees her as a happy person but then finds out shes not a very happy person. want to find out more read the book to find out :)
love, Anna :)


1. first day of school

mini's pov 

i wake up to the sound of my mom screaming from down stairs "MINI! WAKE UP!" i respond to her  "IM AWAKE MOM!" i hear her walk to the kitchen where my sister was eating breakfast and listening to music. i got out of bed and went to the bathroom i washed my face , brushed my teeth,put on my make up and did my hair, then went to my room and picked out an outfit and got dressed i wore a pair of black skinny jeans , a black laced tank top, a black cross necklace and a pair of red checker pattern earings then i went down stairs drank a cup of water and went to put my shoes on then my mom told me she was driveing me to school so i said "ok" i grabbed my bag , my cell phone and ear buds i headed out to the car got in and headed to school as we enter the parking lot i then saw my friends and then said goodbye to my mom i ran twords my friends they were all excited while i was standing there all nervouse but happy the door opened and we walked in the school as i was walking in i bumped into this young looking boy i said "Im sorry i didnt mean to bump into you" he said "its ok i wasnt paying attention haha" so i said " ok well bye" then he said "wait!" and i said " yeah" he came up to me and said "my name is Nick" and i said "well its nice to meet you nick im Mini" then i turned around and walked away he watched me as i walked away and i smiled.

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