Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

Calli had just moved out of home into her first house and things are going well. But there is this one mysterious stranger. Well, hes not really a stranger anymore. His name is Harry and he lives right across the street from Calli. She's not sure what to think at first. Should she be frightened? Or is she going to warm up to the mysterious curly haired boy.


8. Chapter 8

I wake up bright and early at 6:30. I’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like ages. Today is finally the day I start NYU. I’m mainly just doing dance, but I’m required to take some other classes too.

For the first day, I put on dark-colored skinny jeans, a white long sleeved shirt with a little pocket, a leopard-print scarf, a cream beanie, brown leg warmers, and some uggs. I curl my hair and put a little bow in the back. In a bag, I put pink nike pros, a pink sports bra, and a black tank top. I’m really excited for today! And I can’t wait to finally meet new people! theres not many people in my small neighborhood right outside New York besides Harry. Oh and Ashton. I really like my schedule too. First hip-hop, then modern, then acrobatic, then I have lunch break, then history and english.

I actually made myself a good breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, and toast. Right as I was about to put the food up, I hear a knock at the door.

"Calli!” I wasn’t able to say anything before the big figure engulfed me in a tight hug. “Harry!” I gasped out wiggled out of the breathe-squeezing hug. “Here. This is for you.” He extends the pastry in his hands. It’s actually very nicely done with exquisite details. “I made it all by myself! Aren’t you proud?” He giggles with the most genuine smile on his face. “Harry it’s beautiful. I didn’t know you could bake like this?!” “I do work at a bakery you know?” He replies. “Well I know now. But what’s the occasion?” I say, confused. “You’re first day of NYU silly! It’s  amazing to be accepted into a school like that! I’m so proud.” “Aw Harry thanks. It’s amazing. You’re truly the best friend ever.”

After we chat for a bit, Harry offers me a ride. I have to say no because I know he’s busy and I do have my own car I can drive. I grab my keys and head out to the car. The ride there seemed like forever because I was so anxious! But nervous at the same time. I had absolutely no idea where I was going. Or who anyone was. But I’ve been waiting for this forever. I’m ready.

I park in the parking lot, deciding on when the right time was to go in. I guess now so I won’t be late. I’ve been watching where people have gone in trying to get an idea of where to go. I walk through the big doors and I’m amazed by the size of the school already. I glance and my schedule and try to find where the hip-hop studio is. Maybe that girl over there. She seems nice.  She’s sitting on a bench reading and eating an apple. She so pretty. She wears glasses, a sunflower skirt and a black sweater with combat boots. Her hair is nicely scrunched and she has very little make-up on and she’s still so pretty.

“Uhm excuse me.” I say shyly to the girl and she looks up from book. “Oh hi! Do you need help or something?” “Uhm yeah actually. You don’t happen to know where studio 153 is do you?” I ask. “Ah. You’re a dancer.” I nod my head shyly. “Well lucky for you, I do. And I do happen to know that almost all the guys here at NYU are like obsessed with the girl dancers.” She says with a wink. I start blushing and a friendly smile crept on my face. “This way.” She says and guides me down two different halls until were next to the door that reads, ‘Studio 153’. “Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver!” I tell the girl. “Oh no problem! I know what it feels like to be new and clueless. My name is Vanessa by the way.” “I’m Calli.” She waves bye and heads down the opposite hall and i prepare to open the door in front of me. I open it slowly and turn around so I’m walking in backwards holding the door with my hand. I don’t want to see all the people staring at me. I shut the door behind me, take a deep breathe and turn around. There is quite a few dancers. Maybe 30 or 35. Only like 10 of them are looking at me. I look around for an instructor but no one is to be found that looks old enough.

I notice that the majority of the class is guys. Maybe like 5 are girls. A guy that looks maybe 27-28 walks in and grabs the attention of the class. “Alright first things first. Girl dressing rooms that way and guys that way.” He points the directions and everyone hurries off to get dressed. I follow behind the girls into the dressing room. Luckily only 1 person looks like they know what they’re doing so I’m not the only completely lost.

After changing, I walk back out to the studio and take a seat. “Calli?” I hear my name called across the room. I turn around in that direction and see Ashton and some other guys. Ashton jogs over to me. “You’re a dancer here?!” He asks. “Uhm yeah. I’m guessing you are too?” He nods his head and someone from the group he was hanging out with clears his throat. “Oh yeah,” he pulls me over to the other guys and introduces them. “This is Luke.” he gestures to

 After the last few girls are called to be in groups, I start to get worried because I know I’ll end up with a group of guys. But at the same time, I’m relieved because girls in dance usually means drama.

a boy with blondeish hair in a quiff. He is quite good-looking. “This is Calum.” He points and a boy with darker hair. He looks Asian but I soon come to know that is, in fact, Kiwi. “And Michael.” This one has white hair all quiffy and stuff. They’re all really hot and look like they could be Hollister models or something.

“Alright so for the first day, I thought we’d all get to know each other better. And you know how you do that? Group work!” Everyone ((mainly the girls)) start to celebrate because they think they get to choose their groups. Nope. The instructor started calling out names off his sheet of paper and everyone slowly started to group up.

“Calli, Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael.” Oh wow. How is it that they got all their friends in their group and no one else did? I don’t know. At least I know Ashton and I’ve met the other three. I make my way over to where they’re standing, we were told to get with our groups.

“Okay so this is how things are gonna work. I’m gonna give you 3 eight counts, with music, and, in your groups, you must come up with 3 on your own.” We all glanced at each other sort-of-smiled. This might be fun.


Hey guys! So I know it's been a long time since I update, I've been really busy with sports and school and all that junk. But I go to my dads so I travel a lot so I'll try to update bunches more while i'm traveling! Well I love you all! Oh and if I get anything wrong or I don't use the correct terms for dancing, keep in mind im not a dancer. I just watch it on tv. :)

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