Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

Calli had just moved out of home into her first house and things are going well. But there is this one mysterious stranger. Well, hes not really a stranger anymore. His name is Harry and he lives right across the street from Calli. She's not sure what to think at first. Should she be frightened? Or is she going to warm up to the mysterious curly haired boy.


6. Chapter 6

“Harry stop!” I yelled playfully. But still, he continued to capture small snowflakes and blow them in my face. “Never!” He yells like a little 5 year old. “Stop!” I scream when the next whiff of snow hits my face. I run down the sidewalk, trying to get out of Harry’s reach. Once im far enough away from Harry, he just walks. I put my hands out to each side of me and look up into the sky. My tongue pokes out, trying to catch the cold flakes on my tongue.

I look to my side and notice Harry with his arms out, spinning around, his tongue out and eyes rolled back in his head, making fun of me. "Harry! You little turd!” I push his shoulder and he laughs at himself. We just walk silently like we did on the way to Starbucks until we got to my house. I made my way up to my doorstep with Harry on my heals. I don’t honestly know why shouldn’t he be going to his place? “Uhmm watcha doing?” “We’re going shopping aren’t we?” “Oh yeah. But I have to get my money and stuff. I’ll be right out.” I tell Harry. “Okay I’ll go get my car.” I nod and walk into my house while he makes his way over to his.


“Get in cupcake. We’re going shopping.” Harry yells at me from from the drivers seat of his black Range Rover. I laugh and run up to the passenger side and jump in.

We made our way into the mall, stopping to look around the giant building. Harry grabs my hand and pulls me into Forever 21. “You go look on that side and I’ll look on this side.” I say to him, spin him around, and push him in the direction of which I pointed. I look around my side, picking up stuff here and there, only coming up with about 6 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans. Maybe that’s all I’ll get from here.

I search for Harry and eventually found him behind a rack of clothing. “Harry!” I gasped at the large amount of clothing piled up in his big arms. He laughs at my reaction and hands over the clothing to me, laughing at how I’m hardly standing up because I can’t see over the big pile. “What?” He giggles. “I just thought you needed to try on a lot.” I frantically run to the nearest dressing room, setting all the clothes down on the little bench.

After our little “montage”,as Harry would say, of trying on clothes, shoes, sweaters, pants, shorts, hats, ect, we decided to go to Orange Julius to get some smoothes. I got strawberry banana and he got blueberry. We sat down at one of the mall food court tables and I , with relief, set all the bags of stuff down beside us. “So” I spoke, “you’re next.” “What?” he asked. “You know the whole, girl makes the guy try on outfits, rating them, thing? Yeah you’re next.” "Harry rolled his eyes and sipped on his smoothie.


“Thank you, Harry for the ride.” I said, looking into his deep green eyes. “And for running around the mall with me. I really appreciate it.” “It was my pleasure I really liked it, actually.” He smiled, showing his teeth and beautiful dimples. Wait did I just call Harry’s dimples beautiful? “Can I tell you something?” He asks me, staring into my soul, across the passenger seat. We were still in Harry’s car, parked in my driveway. “Yes of course.” I say to him. He waits a little bit to say anything. “I’ve never wanted to kiss a girl more than I do right now.” I was shocked, at first. Then I realized, I kinda wanted to kiss him too. He looked down at my lips and bit his. “Go for it.” I whisper. And, after hearing my response, he closed the distance between us, kissing my lips gently with his.

I actually enjoyed it, surprisingly. I didn’t think I had feelings for him, but obviously I did. When we kissed I felt something. Of course, like always, I got those bottom-of-the-stomach butterflies, but I also felt something more. Like fireworks. It sounds cheesy and cliché until it happens, but when it does, you’ll know it. I pulled away, opening my eyes, biting my lip, and shyly smiled at him. “Goodnight Harry.” I said and excited his Range Rover crossing over my yard, onto my porch. I looked back at Harry, who had his hands on his neck, looking at the ceiling, biting his lip, and waved at him. He smiled, waved back, then made his way over to his place. Wow. This is the fastest I’ve ever liked someone. I just admitted I like Harry.


Hey guys! So sorry it's taken forever to put up these last two chapters! I've been really busy honestly. But i'm really trying to make the chapters longer and update quicker. So yeah. Off subject; school starts tomorrow ugh. Wish me luck.

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