The Styles Triplets

After moving to Manchester, so Harry could pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, the Styles, Edward, Harry and Marcel will all fall for the same girl. Who will win the key to her heart? After she picks can they mend the broken pieces to their brotherly bond? This is a story filled with drama, love, forgiveness, and moving forward.


1. Prologue

Edward Styles is the eldest of the triplets. He’s known as the school’s bad boy. Sexy, mysterious and dark and can be inappropriate at times, always making everything sexual. His style is simple, a dark tee-shirt, tight skinny jeans and a beanie. Other guys know to steer clear because they know they’d lose, in an instant, in a fight.

Harry Styles the middle triplet. Unlike most middle kids Harry is the popular one. He has all the ladies. He's known as the smoking hot player, yet every girl seems to want a piece of him. He super confident, but not cocky. Deep down, all he's really looking for is that special girl. One he has to fight for to win, that makes him want to be a better guy.

Marcel the youngest, has seemed to not mature as fast as the other two. The smart cute nerdy one always has his head in his books. Marcel likes to wear sweater vests and glasses. Shy and kept to himself, Marcel seems to have landed himself as the football teams punching bag. Bullied daily he tries to get away from it but can't. His two older brothers are protective of him, but Edward only is in secret.

These three boys are getting a chance at a fresh start at a new school in Manchester. Harry had always had the dream of singing and his opportunity is coming when his mom decides to pack everything up and move to Manchester so he can audition for the X-Factor. Edward is bitter about moving and can't wait till he graduates to move back to Holmes Chapel with his father. Marcel couldn't be happier about moving because this meant that he was no longer going to be the football teams punching bag. He wasn't really leaving much behind other than his best friend. Sure it was Harry's idea in the first place to move, but he was sort of sad to be leaving, but he was ready for a fresh start.

McKenna was born and raised in Manchester with her year old, older brother, Mark, and younger sister Melody. Melody is only 8, much younger than McKenna and Mark. Naturally Mark and McKenna were close growing up, but by the time high school came around McKenna no longer wanted to be known as Mark's little sister. They are still close at home, and Mark is very protective over McKenna. McKenna prefers to be keep to herself, but she can be out spoken when she's standing up for something she believes in. McKenna made the choice not to be popular, but it doesn't help her cause by the fact that her brother is the most popular guy in school. He's the captain of the Football (soccer) team and has all the girls fawning over him. McKenna is very smart and takes school seriously. When her works done for the weekend she likes to go to parties like normal girls. She doesn't care what others think about her, because all that matters is how she feels about herself. She's very sensible, sweet and innocent.

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