The Styles Triplets

After moving to Manchester, so Harry could pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, the Styles, Edward, Harry and Marcel will all fall for the same girl. Who will win the key to her heart? After she picks can they mend the broken pieces to their brotherly bond? This is a story filled with drama, love, forgiveness, and moving forward.


4. Chapter 3- Fighting Solves Nothing

Harry's POV:

I'm walking down the hallway at school to my first class of the day when I hear a voice call my name, "Harry!"

I turn around to see Mark making his way around the crowd and to me. "Yeah what's up?" I asked.

"You are dude. I told the guys about last night and they all think you're legendary." He said patting me on the back.

"Huh? Last night?" I asked not sure what he was talking about.

"You don't remember? Are you still hung over? Cause man last night was awesome."

I thought about last night. Well I went on a triple date with my brothers, CeCe wasn't really my type. When Marcel got home we all got into an argument and Edward left. Edward, that's what happened. He pretended to be me, and that's not the first time it's happened. But why would he want to hang out with Mark, he's not really his friend type. "Can you tell me exactly what happened last night?" I asked.

"Well after you were creeping on my sister, which by the way I'll kill you if you do it again, we went to the bar. We took a bunch of shots and all the ladies were swarming you. I swear there was like 20 and you were switching off making out with all of them, and man it was awesome. You're definitely hitting up the parties with us this weekend." Mark said.

Now it all made sense. Edward wanted McKenna.

"Yeah I guess it was all just a blur. Sorry about hitting on your sister. It won't happen again." I lied. "Excuse me I have to go find someone" I said.

I walked down the hallway quickly and out the back door to the fence where I knew Edward had already found his spot. Of course he was standing there, some random chick flirting with him while he smoked one. "Edward!" I yelled making the girl turn and look at me then quickly back at Edward. "You two are like twins?"

"Would you excuse us for a minute" I asked her.

She walked away looking at both of us. "How could you do that last night. Pretend to be me, and hit on Mark's sister. He said he's going to kill me if I do it again."

"Chill out. I like what I like. And I like McKenna" He said blowing some smoke in my face.

"No Edward. Don't you dare hurt her. She's not your typical girl."

"If I didn't know better I would say you like her too. I guess some things never change." Edward said referring to a girl last year who played us all. Her name was Monica and she dated all three of us behind our backs and tried to turn us against each other. I mean things were never smooth before that, but we did get rid of her for good.

"That's not going to happen. McKenna's not like that"

"We'll see about that. May the best brother win" Edward said throwing his cigarette on the ground and stomping on it.

Marcel's POV:

I sat down in the same seat as yesterday and waited for McKenna to arrive. When she took her seat I handed her a daisy. "I saw on Facebook that your favorite flower was a daisy."

"Thanks Marcel. That's really sweet of you." She said taking it and putting it in her hair.

After class ended I tried to steer clear of the football team, but they found me anyways. Luckily Harry wasn't with them.

"Looks like someone borrowed their grandpa's clothing" one of them said to me.

Another one slammed me against the locker making me fall to the ground. My books flew everywhere and my glasses fell off.

"Loser" they chanted before walking off.

I quickly found my glasses and cleaned them off before putting them back on. Great, they had a scratch on them. I gathered up my books and went to the library for study hall. My shoulder was sore from being thrown against the locker. I pulled at my shirt revealing a small bruise.


Edward's POV:

During lunch I sat down at a table by myself until a girl walked up to me. Great it was Ashley. She was hot but she was really boring, we had nothing in common. She laughed too much and was incredibly dumb. She was definitely not my type, but I had a feeling she enjoyed the date way more than I did last night.

"Hey Ed. Do you mind of I call you Ed. Whatever I'm going to call you it anyways" She laughed. She sat down beside me and took out her lunch. "So last night was fun wasn't it?" she asked.

"Oh yeah" I lied. Well last night was fun, but not our date. I was glad I pretended to be Harry last night because I met some very talented girls, if you know what I mean. But regardless, there was only one girl I was interested in. "You know what Ashley. I had a fun time on our date last night, but I'm just not looking to be in a relationship right now." I told her.

"Oh that's okay. I like having fun too" She said pressing her lips to mine. She was hot and a great kisser. We stood up and I pushed her up against the fence making the kiss more lustful.

"There's this closet off the east wing that's available." she said seductively leading the way.


McKenna's POV:

"Hey CeCe." I said sitting down at the usual lunch table. "Where's Ash?" I asked.

"Oh she told me she's going to try to find Edward."

"Wait really. She'd into him?"

"Duh, we all know Ashley's the biggest slut in school. I'm surprised she hasn't slept with your brother yet."

"Okay let's not talk about my brother and sex, please. And that Edward guy is no good"

"What makes you say that?" CeCe asked.

I knew if I lied to her she could tell so I decided to spill the beans. "Last night he pretended to be Harry to hang out with my brother so that he could hit on me. And I'm surprised more people don't know there's triplets at our school."

"Seriously? Well when I was talking to Harry he told me that they would go on the triple date if I promised not to tell people they were related. It's on the DL. And they don't have any classes together, so its not that hard to keep it a secret." She told me. "So does that mean Edward likes you?"

"I guess, I don't know. I can't really figure him out. He kissed me last night. And I tried pushing him away and then he said I looked sexy in my shorts." I said relieved to finally tell someone the truth.

"Oh wow. He probably just wants a hook up. So why not go for it? Then you wont be the only one that's still a virgin"


"Kidding, kidding" she said raising her hands in surrender. "So anyways do you think I should go for Harry?" she asked.

We looked over to the lunch table where my brother and all his friends were sitting. And there was Harry surround by at least 5 girls. "Umm CeCe, he's sort of looks like a player to me. Maybe you shouldn't. You don't want to get your heart broken." I told her. I took another look over and for a split second Harry's eyes lingered on mine. My heart suddenly started racing.


Edward's POV:

"That was amazing. I wonder what you're like in an actual bed" Ashley said trailing her finger up my chest.

I grabbed my clothes and quickly put them on before lunch was over. "That was fun. Let's do it again" I told Ashley kissing her before leaving the closet.

I walked down the hallway trying to fix my hair after having wild closet sex with Ashley. Man did she know how to move. I saw McKenna out of the corner of my eye and made my way over to her.

"Hi Edward" CeCe greeted me.

"What no greeting from McKenna?"

"Okay. Stay the hell away from me Edward" she said harshly.

"You didn't enjoy the kiss last night? Cause from what I remember you did."

"What I remember is pushing you away and then my brother walked in. So don't think it was anything more." she said walking away.

"Oh don't be like that Mac" I said following her.

"Don't call me Mac and leave me alone."

"McKenna is Harry bothering you again?" Mark said appearing out of no where.

"No Mark that isn't Harry. That's Edward. His triplet." she said.

"Wait there's two of them?"

"No genius there's 3 of us." I said.

"Oh and Mark, that's who you were out partying with last night. Edward not Harry. He pretended to be Harry so that he could get into the house and hit on me." McKenna said.

"What the hell?" Marks said tackling me. He was stronger than he looked and he knew how to throw a punch. I hit him back pushing him off of me. Next thing I know, two teachers are pulling us apart.

"You two office now!"


McKenna's POV:

Okay now Edward wasn't just creeping me out. He actually terrified me. I didn't know what he was going to try next and I didn't like that.

I sat down at a bench under an oak tree since I had to wait after school until my mum was done talking to the head teacher since Mark decided to attack Edward. I heard someone clear their throat and I looked up to see Harry standing there.

"Is this seat taken?" He asked.

I shook my head and he sat down. "I heard what happened" he said.

I wasn't sure what part he was referring to so I just looked at him.

"About your brother attacking mine, cause he found out he was hitting on you." he said summing it up.

"Yeah. It just seems like trouble follows you brothers around" I told him.

"Me? How am I trouble?" He asked.

I laughed, "okay maybe it's only Edward, but all three of you seem I don't know... different I guess."

"How so?"

"I don't know. First off why don't you want people to know your all related?"

"I guess it's always just been that way. We all have our different styles and like to stay out of each others way."

Our conversation just kept flowing, like it was natural and unforced, until we were interrupted.

"Come on Harry. We're leaving" Harry's mum said.

"Mark go pick up Mel. I've got to get back to work" my mum said.

I walked to the car with Mark and we got in. "You know you didn't have to tackle him"

"Yes I did. He was trying to get with you. And your my little sister I'm supposed to protect you from jerks like that. But I don't get why you didn't try to tell me earlier."

"I did. Remember but you just cut me off and left with Edward." I told him.

"Don't worry. We probably wont be seeing their faces around."

"Why what did you do Mark?"

"Nothing. But there's a rumor going around that the styles brothers are all trouble. And someone warned me not to mess with them. I would take that advice if I were you" Mark said.

We picked up Mel and took her over to her friend's house for a play date. When we got home Mark took off in the car leaving me all alone. The door bell rang and I contemplated on getting it. But it rang again and again so I answered it.


"What do you want?" I asked trying to shut the door before he answered.

I could sense that he knew I was terrified of him. He started to laugh. "I just want to talk. But if you want more, just let me know." he said teasing me.

"Edward please, just leave me alone. I don't want to play games"

"Oh sure you do sweet, innocent McKenna." he said brushing his finger along my chin, tilting it up so I was looking at him. He had the same exact sparkly green eyes that Harry had. The ones that made me want to just melt. Before I knew it our lips were centimeters apart. That was until I slapped him across the face.

"I told you to say away from me" I said looking at the nice red mark I made on his face.

"McKenna, I thought you didn't like playing games. Cause you sure are playing hard to get"

"I'm not playing hard to get I'm playing leave me alone cause I want nothing to do with you."

"You don't mean that" he said smirking. "I know I'm in your head. And I know you can't stop thinking about that kiss. You want more, but you're too scared to give into your desires. But I know you'll come for me. Because once I'm in your head, I'm not coming out" He said brushing a piece of hair out of my eyes and quickly leaving out the door.

I can't believe he said that, because it was completely true. I couldn't stop think about him. About the kiss last night. It was so wrong of me to think that, but I couldn't help it. He was getting inside my head, and I couldn't get him out.


Should I keep writing?

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